The price at the duplex

The price plays a crucial role in the purchase of a semi-detached house. In this article you will learn which factors affect the price of a semi-detached house, how to check whether a price is fair and what you should consider as a seller.

How does a price come about?

Semi-detached houses are available in various price ranges: From luxurious, particularly spacious variants to purpose-built houses, there is almost everything. Of course, then you ask yourself: "What influences the price of a semi-detached house?"
There are many factors that determine the price of a home: its location, features, size and, of course, its condition make it affordable or expensive.

Real estate portals on the Internet help you keep track: there you have a filter that helps you find exactly the semi-detached houses you are looking for. This will give you an overview of how certain factors influence the price of a home. If you know this, finding a home will be a lot easier.

The price at the duplex: price

Is the price fair?

If you come across an interesting offer, ask yourself: "Is the price of this house justified or perhaps too high?" First and foremost, a detailed visit will help you to find out. Consult an expert (for example from the TÜV) who knows about real estate and after thorough inspection can say whether the price of the semi-detached house matches the actual value.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to find a few easy-to-find shortcomings to push the price down.
Possible defects can be:

  • Slight damage such as scratches in the floor or on the walls
  • Wear of various kinds
  • Obsolete optics, for example, by an old-looking plaster and other components

For serious defects such as moisture or mold we strongly advise against the purchase. Here, the cost of renovations can be so high that the total costs far exceed your actual budget.

What should I pay attention to as a seller?

The price of a semi-detached house is also important if you want to sell one. In order to determine the right price of your property, it is advisable to have a report prepared. Although this may cost 1000 - 2000 euros, this investment is also worth it.

Because if you set the selling price of your duplex too high, it will not be sold; Due to the fact that it has been for sale for so long, potential buyers are skeptical and move away from your offer. On the other hand, it is just as annoying: At a lower price your house is sold quickly, but you may give away tens of thousands of Euros. For these reasons, finding the right price is so important.

Tips & Tricks

Compare as many semi-detached houses as possible to get a comprehensive overview of the market. This makes it easier for you to choose a particular home.

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