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  • Baustrahler are floodlights that illuminate large areas such as construction sites.
  • For effective illumination of a larger area and to avoid involuntary collisions, the floodlights are often mounted on telescopic or floor stands. Some models can also be attached to a wall.
  • The spotlights exist with halogen or LED lamps. The latter are not as bright as halogen lamps, but they are not that hot either. Nevertheless, you should always exercise caution in the vicinity of construction spotlights, since contact with the heated housing can easily cause burns.

Baustrahler comparison 2018: Baustrahler

Construction site spotlights have earned their name mainly because they were used for large areas such as construction sites, sports fields or parking lots also to illuminate into the late evening hours.

According to a study by the Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiburg, the different lamps used have very different durations. So can LED bulbs provide up to 25,000 hours of lightwhat almost three years corresponds to continuous lighting.

halogen lampsKeep it much less long and worry for 2,000 hours of lightwhich equates to almost three months of lighting. Incandescent lamps only last a maximum of 1,000 hours and create lighting for almost six weeks.

Learn in our Baustrahler comparison 2018, which different types of building lights exist and for which special use the respective construction floodlights are suitable. In addition, we recommend you what the best Baustrahler is and where you can buy a cheap Baustrahler.

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1. What is a construction floodlight for?


The brightness of bulbs is usually measured in lumens or lux, but must not be confused with the luminosity, However, manufacturers do not use this information consistently: Lux (lx), lumens (lm) or, occasionally, the light output in lumens per watt (lm / w) are reported. This is often very confusing because, for example, bulbs with a power of 200 watts 2500 to 3000 lumens (the light intensity at a certain angle) and LED lamps with 50 watts already 3500 to 4000 lumens produce.

Baustrahler are mainly there, a possible illuminate large area, This is mainly about the brightness, with which the area is illuminated. The reflective shellin which the lamp was let in, additionally provides brightness, The shell is also important because the lamp - whether halogen or LED spotlights -very hot and the heat should be contained.

In addition, find work lights find especiallyused in the following areas:

  • Headlights in backyards: A fixed work lamp with moderate brightness without tripod is used here.
  • Lighting of warehouses: Either permanently mounted lights or spotlights with telescope stand, which increases the weight significantly, find use here.
  • Baustrahler in the photo studio: In photo studios, construction spotlights are used as a photo light, as these - mounted on telescopic stands - illuminate the room well.
  • construction spotlight: On construction sites, it makes sense to have a ground stand with handle, which makes the construction spotlight easy to transport.

Danger:Do not touch either the case or the lamp directly as they may become very hot and cause burns when in contact.

2. Baustrahler types: LED is ahead

As already indicated, building luminaires in tests can be distinguished primarily by which luminous means is used. Use find halogen lamps or LED lights. What distinguishes both categories, we have summarized for you in the following table:

halogen spotlightsLED spotlight

Baustrahler comparison 2018: comparison

Baustrahler comparison 2018: comparison

As a phosphor is halogen lamps Used iodine gas, which is located in a quartz glass flask, Power is used to light up the gas. The lifespan is 5,000 to 6,000 hours.
high absolute luminosity
very bright, dazzling white light
is dimmable
high power consumption (400 - 800 watts)
moderate life
enormous heat development
LED spotlights use, as the name suggests, several light-emitting diodes mounted on a circuit board. Although you have to replace the entire board in the event of defects, LEDs last about 25,000 hours on average.
high luminous efficacy
very long life
lower heat development
lower power consumption (about 10 - 50 watts)
not dimmable
LEDs individually hardly interchangeable
Conclusion: LED floodlights are clearly superior to the models with halogen lights in many areas. The slightly higher purchase price should not deter you.

3. Purchase advice for Baustrahler: Brightness, protection and tripods count

In many Baustrahler tests, the brightness is a decisive criterion for whether a construction spotlight has test-winner potential. In addition to this important point, you should also make sure that your Baustrahler is protected against splashing water and has a tripod.

3.1. The brightness - the luminosity decides

Baustrahler comparison 2018: 2018

In addition to energy consumption, LED bulbs differ in their color temperature of other types of lamps.

The brightness of bulbs is a rather difficult to determine parameters, especially if you compare different types of lamps - as in this case LEDs and halogen lamps.

The general rule: LED bulbs require significantly less energy than halogen bulbs to achieve comparable brightness. An LED construction luminaire with 50 watts can shine as bright as a halogen construction luminaire with 500 watts.

But since the perception of brightness also counts for the light color Halogen lights mostly perceived as lighter, because they often give a bright white light. In contrast, LED light is often located in the warm-white range, even though the small diodes can theoretically accept any light color.

Conclusion: If you want to achieve the clearest possible illumination, halogen lamps with their bright white light are usually the safest choice, also because manufacturers rarely specify the light color of construction spotlights.

3.2. The protective measures - grid and splash protection are essential

In addition to light, construction spotlights must above all be one thing: robust. Since they are mostly used outdoors, should Bauhaus at least have a splash guard. The protection is marked with the IP class (International Protection Code), which is based on German and international standards. The protection against splashing water is expressed with the marking IPX4.

In most cases, construction floodlights are also protected against the ingress of dust and dirt, or they also contain more than just sprayed water. Accordingly, the following IP codes are often found:

Baustrahler comparison 2018: 2018

  • IP44: Protection against small foreign bodies (dust, dirt) under 1 mm diameter & splash protection
  • IP 54: Dust protection & splash protection
  • IP 64: Dust tightness & splash protection

IP44 is completely sufficient for most applications.

For your own safety, you should choose a model for halogen spotlights in particular the lamp or the front of the housing is covered with a metal grid, Because the lamps produce a lot of heat, the grid protects against accidentally touching and burning the lamp or the reflector surface.

3.3. The tripod - Telescopic tripods for better illumination

Building luminaires usually only reliably and efficiently illuminate a certain area when they are mounted on a tripod. Two types of tripods are used here: ground stands and telescopic stands.

Baustrahler comparison 2018: spotlights

Permanently mounted: An alternative that all Baustrahler offer in comparison, is the mounting with screws on a wall or a support. The spotlight is securely fixed and out of reach of everyone working in the field, but it can then be less flexible set.

While the former allow the building-site to stand securely on the ground and are often combined with a handle, the latter allow for increased attachment of the light source up to 2 m in height. For construction sites telescopic stands are suitablebecause the spotlight is at a safe height at the same time and less comes into contact with dust and water. On the other hand, if you want to do work on the wall or ceiling, a floor stand is more practical.

Baustrahler comparison 2018: comparison

4. Questions and answers around the topic of construction spotlights

4.1. How much is a construction floodlight?

Baustrahler comparison 2018: comparison

Cordless Baustrahler (here a model of bull) can be flexibly set up.

High quality brands of Manufacturers like Brennenstuhl or as-Schwabe there are sometimes already for 30 €, If you opt for LED spotlight, you have to reach deeper into the bag. at Construction spotlights with LEDsFor example, from Makita, the price can be about 100 € be.

4.2. Are there also battery-powered Baustrahler?

In fact, some manufacturers also offer battery-powered building lights, which work with LEDs as bulbs. They are in no way inferior in performance to the mains-powered LED floodlights, they can be positioned freely in the room, but they must be charged regularly.

4.3. What temperatures does a construction floodlight reach?

Building lamp can after some operating time 175° Celsius exceed and with it Light textiles and paper ignite, Make sure that yourself no flammable materials near the work lamp.

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