Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: dremel

The Dremel 3000 is not a newly invented model and has already proven itself several times.

Not only in Bastlerkreisen the Engraving glass, Milling wood or Sanding small pieces of wood he has found his place. Even craftsmen and car screwdrivers find their use in this multifunctional tool.

By high speeds can be inconvenient places shorten screws, Not cut releasable clamps or specifically rusted areas grind.

With the Gold Edition, Dremel has put together a package that goes through additional attachments, such as extensive original accessories to cover the high demand. In addition to a price advantage over the single purchase, the Dremel 3000 Gold Edition attracts above all with one solid aluminum case.

We turn our attention today to that Complete package of the Gold Edition.

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Weight: 550 g
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption: 130 W
  • Speed: 10000 - 33000 min-1
  • Collet: 0.8 1.6 2.4 3.2 mm
  • Chuck: 0.4 - 3.4 mm

Gold edition in aluminum case

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: gold

Rich accessories in the suitcase

Dremel is known for his Individually pack tools, Due to a wide range of different product forms, a uniform packaging system is unlikely to be feasible.

While the standard version of the Dremel 3000 comes in a small soft case, the silver edition appears in a plastic tool case. Our Dremel 3000 Gold Edition comes with one send aluminum cases and rich accessories and some attachments on.

The suitcase already leaves a good impression on the outside. All edges are covered with aluminum profilesBut nowhere can you find even a sharp edge. The Dremel logo is not only glued or embossed, but riveted two-tone.

Inside, the first impression is not clouded. On additional compartment for small parts lifts when opening and the entire suitcase is lined with sponge rubber.

Well, two or three small separations in the suitcase would be desirable, but that does not really affect the overall impression. Two additional transparent boxes hold the accessories so well together.

The Dremel 3000 known and proven

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: 3000

Dremel 3000

The Dremel 3000 seems a bit clunky at first glance, but feels very good in the hand. At the processing there are nothing to complain about and the operation is intuitive. On Locking button facilitates tool change and the additional metal bracket hanging when working with the flexible shaft.

The Speeds can be set easily lockable and over time the switching stages can certainly be assigned to the corresponding speeds even without a manual.

The interesting thing about the Dremel 3000 compared to some other models is of course the EZ Twist connection cap, This can be solved with a few twists and acts as a Spannschlüssel when changing tools.

Additional tools are not needed in this case. The Power cord is just under 2 m sufficiently long and offers enough leeway for flexible use. In theory, there is absolutely nothing to complain about on the Dremel 3000.

In use, the Dremel 3000 is usually powerful and versatile. Here a screw shortened, because rounds in wood sanded or for the hobbyist grinding and engraving works. there the Dremel is suitable for fine work as well as for that Disconnect a 10 mm screw.

This is advantageous for this SpeedClic accessorieswhich one extremely fast change on cutting discs allows.

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: dremel

Circle cutter in plasterboard

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: gold

Disconnect an M10 threaded rod

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: product

Engrave wooden bowl

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: product

Engrave candle

Overall, the Selection of accessories in the gold edition very extensive and offers a very good basic equipment.

Especially useful a chuck which has a clamping range from 0.4 mm to 3.4 mm and the tool holder thus offers a lot of scope. It makes sense to include a drill set that already covers a large area of ​​small drills with seven different sizes.

Dremel 3000 and the precision handle

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: product

Dremel 3000 with precision handle

To mount the precision handle, only remove the EZ connector cap, place the handle and secure with the standard connector cap. It works pretty easy and fast. The EZ connection cap for a tool-free tool change unfortunately, it does not work anymore and it has to be used for the spanner, as usual.

The additional grip is something to get used to at the Dremel 3000 and should not be of any help to everyone. This is supposed to be more comfortable to hold on the Dremel and to be guided more accurately when engraving or milling. you However, it already requires quite big hands to grasp the handle and at the same time be able to put a finger over the Dremel.

If the Dremel is only held by the precision handle, the obesity pulls him down the back and it needs to be accessed more vigorously. However, it also depends on how the Dremel 3000 is held when milling or engraving. Some will love the precision handle, while others will stow it in their suitcases.

Dremel 3000 and protective cover attachment

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: test

Dremel 3000 with protective cover attachment

The protective hood intent raises a big question: Why This protective cover is not part of the basic equipment of all multifunction devices?

The assembly takes place, as with all attachments, over the replacement of the connection cap. This is removed and screwed the guard with a threaded ring. Then you can the 360° protection in any direction rotate.

On small part, with a huge impact, Especially when engraving or cutting there is a risk that foreign bodies injure the eye.

Although the protective cover intent should not replace the goggles, but this is often "forgotten" and then the guard attachment may be a good alternative. A great invention, which is a must for every multifunction tool should be.

Dremel 3000 with milling attachment and circle cutter

We would like to summarize these two intentions, as we both could not convince for the same reason.

The cutters used have one Diameter of 3.2 mm and a length of 60 mm, During the milling process, 32 mm of the milling cutter remain outside of the collet and thus free to move or prone to lateral pressure. What in Plasterboard still works and can be very useful for cutting out holes is in soft glue wood already overwhelmed.

Where the overtaxing does not refer to the performance or quality of the milling cutter, there is nothing to complain about here. The cutter is too thin and too long, including the attachments. On milling a round circle or a straight line is hardly possibleEvery grain of wood pushes the cutter in a different direction.

For parallel cutter unfortunately joined another error. The edition consists of one U-profile and thus can not be horizontal on the edge of the wood begin. If the cutter is in front of the wood, there is only one leg of the U-profile, which is why the Dremel 3000 including attachment tilts to the side and the preset depth of cut becomes ineffective.

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: gold

Multipurpose Cutting Kit

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: dremel

parallel Schneider

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: 3000

Parallel cutter tilts

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: product

Router is running

The ideas of the two intentions are good and also the simple, but still useful Milling depth setting like. However, that is Distance between collet and the surface to be machined too large and the router bends too easily.

Shorter, more stable cutters or a lower body height of the devices would eliminate the defect and both attachments would delight.

Dremel 3000 with flexible shaft

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: test

Dremel 3000 at the workstation

The use of the flexible shaft requires only a small effort. The first step will be the Removed collet and by one Driver replaced.

About this driver is then the screwed flexible shaft and thus the Dremel is operational again. The integrated bracket on the Dremel 3000 enables the Hang Dremel free to move and allows optimal storage during operation.

The illustrated workstation is prepared for this, but is not included.

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: 3000

Flexible shaft

As the Basic unit also has the flexible shaft a locking button for tool change and the same tool holder.

The flexible shaft is surprisingly flexible and significantly expands the circle of work. Just small cutters and pianos let it be lead much easier.

In operation at full speed of 33000 min-1 comes in whistling sound noticeablewho requires hearing protection when working longer hours.

Conclusion to the Dremel Gold Edition

Product Test - Dremel 3000 Gold Edition: dremel

Our rating

The Dremel 3000 in the workshop is gold worth and he had to prove this once again.

He scores with enough power and one rich range of accessories, which makes the Dremel 3000 an absolute all-rounder and therefore a true multifunctional tool.

The compilation of the Gold Edition like and completely especially the aluminum suitcase stands out in the eye. However, even Gold Editions are not all that glitters.

While the flexible shaft, the precision handle and the protective guard attachment were among the attachments, the milling attachment as well as the parallel and circular cutter were partially successful in our test. In Both plasterboard work well, in softwood, however, the cutter is influenced too much by the wood grain. Likewise, the parallel cutter can not be applied to the material as desired.

Nevertheless, the overall package is worth a recommendation. Not only because the Dremel 3000 convinces. The compilation and especially the rich accessories are an asset. Everything together in one high quality aluminum case make one generous basic equipment and possibly the ideal Christmas present.

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