Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

When we clean something, we take no high-pressure cleaner and "high pressure cleaning" our garden furniture, terraces or cars - we reach for the Kärcher and "karcher".

About whether the used high-pressure cleaner is actually a Kärcher, think at least after. Kärcher is the Inbegriff of cleaning equipment, especially high pressure cleaners.

A high-pressure cleaner is so Kärcher and such a device is in my test workshop today: the high-pressure cleaner K5 Premium Full Control.

With a Recommended retail price of around 400 €, the K5 in the private sector certainly not among the bargains and probably will not be compared to budget home improvement equipment.

Of course, even cheap high-pressure cleaners already produce a high water pressure, but I simply expect more from a Kärcher, which the K5 Premium has to prove in the following test.

Technical specifications


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power: 2100 watts
  • Weight: 14.7 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP X5
  • Pressure: 20 - 145 bar
  • Flow rate: maximum 500 l / h
  • Maximum suction height: 0.5 m
  • Recoil force of the high-pressure gun: 17 N
  • Dimensions: 411 x 305 x 584 mm
  • Minimum feed rate: 10 l / min - a simple garden pump is quite sufficient

The information provided is only an excerpt from the most important information. Further and very extensive details can be found in the operating instructions under "Downloads" on the manufacturer page of Kärcher.

Simple packaging for extensive equipment

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Large accessory package to the K5

Big, yellow, heavy and with almost 40 x 50 x 60 cm and 20 kg total weight already considerable - this is how the carton of Kärcher K5 is presented. The content is also very extensive and stable technology has its weight.

Given the purchase price and the expected technology, the K5 and its fitting accessories are quite stealthyt with styrofoam, cardboard and foil in the box. An fThis is the definition of where in the box its part has its place, there are only limited.

One should, however, distinguish whether a tool is regularly stowed in a box and stored, or remains in the workshop ready for use after unpacking, I tend to the second variant and give the cardboard therefore a lot of attention.

More attention should, however, the content, so find the extensive accessories. In addition to the basic unit with 8 m pressure hose and high-pressure gun belong two extensions of 0.8 m each, the Vario Power Jet nozzle, a dirt mill, a liter of stone- and facade cleaner and a floor cleaner "Surface Cleaner" to the basic package. This should be prepared for any cleaning work.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Adjustable Vario Power Jet nozzle

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

Jet nozzles with clear marking

A manual and more

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

User manual, user guide Surface Cleaner, quick overview, accessory program

On High-pressure cleaner requires a water connection and electricity, is switched on at the switch and stops with the operation of the high-pressure gun his work up. This is not very complicated and only a few will read a manual.

Because up to 125 bar working pressure, however, not only clean, but also damage and injuries should be able to cause the user manual and before In particular, the safety instructions a clear note Find.

These are with quite clear instructions for using the K5 in a 164-page manual of which the German language claims only six pages.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: Kärcher

Quick overview clearly shows the application areas

That's not much, but it's enough to keep you informed about the key points and to know what additional details the K5 Premium Full Control has. As already at the Packaging, I miss the user manual but a little attention to detail, The manual says everything you need, but does not impress you with quality paper, a very good readability or colored illustrations.

Additional instructions for the T 350 Surface Cleaner can be found in the K5 instruction manual. On two pages, the most important thing is explained in black and graybut somehow something special is missing.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Accessory program clearly presented

The most important question, however, depends on the fields of application and the use of the various and also adjustable nozzles. Here Kärcher can again boast with a clear overview: Without superfluous words explains a small sheet in DIN A5 size, Which nozzle with which setting for the different substrates and thus areas of application is meant. Unlike the instruction manual, there are glossy paper with colored pictures here: that meets my expectations.

As a further addition, an overview of the accessories program of the K5 Premium is included. Large, colored and very clearly a house is presented with land, where many hard-working figures work something with a high-pressure cleaner. It quickly becomes clear how extensive the application possibilities are.

Small numbers explain under the overview which accessories are needed for which work becomes. This pleases very well and no table would make the search for a suitable accessory clearer.

The first impression reflects the device name

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: high

Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner K5 Premium

Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner K5 Premium Full Control - that's one quite a long product name, which, however, its justification Has. Kärcher high-pressure cleaner is understandable and the K5 specifies the exact device and thus also the performance.

In addition to the K5, Kärcher also offers the larger K7 and smaller high-pressure cleaners K2 to K4. Premium stands for sophisticated equipment, and Full Control for the Full Control Power Gun read off the set pressure of the nozzle in the form of symbols by means of an LED display leaves.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: high

Stand is fastened with dowel and screw

Premium for me, however, also stands for a certain degree of superior quality, which conveys the first impression absolutely. Before that, however, have to some small parts are attached, for which six screws and two plastic bolts (Dowels) are needed.

On the one hand with two screws the transport handle and on the other hand the storage of the jet pipes attached. The Plastic dowels are also with two screws for a good grip of the base used. Four screws with "wood thread" and two with metric thread are available.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: Kärcher

Accessory compartment is ideal for storing the cable

Which used where, the manual is unfortunately not apparent. Logically, you use the metric screws, however, for the carrying handle made of aluminum and the wood screws for attaching the plastic parts.

This completes the setup and the K5 Premium Full Control can be equipped with the required accessories, However, it must first be considered what is needed.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Extendable transport handle

The Full Control Power Gun with the Vario Power nozzle It is fixed in the holder, while the second nozzle - the Dirt - in additional storage space for jet pipes.

The really meaningful extensions unfortunately remain outside. I have a Vextension between the power gun and the vario nozzle and one on the dirt moulder attached. So are all four parts housed, which however a rather high structure results. It stands out: An additional holder for the extensions would be useful.

To the Construction also includes a small net, which is attached on the back and an accessory compartment covers. Even if according to the manual accessory compartment means little more sense, as in the rolled-up power cable accommodate.

In combination with the practical winding of the high-pressure hose (Premium), the Kärcher can be stowed well and remains very neat. On retractable transport handle also ensures that the Kärcher transport easily leaves.

The Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control in use

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Quick coupling in accessories

The Kärcher K5 requires only one power and one water connection for its cleaning activity. The Power supply is no problem thanks to a long connecting cablebut even if the high-pressure cleaner itself reaches the protection level IP X5, which stands for "protected against water jets from all directions", care should be taken to ensure that there is sufficient distance between the socket and the extension.

IP X5 means for the Users not only safety, but also a simple cleaning after the application - simply rinse everything with the water hose!

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: test

Integrated water filter

The water supply is similarly simple: the Kärcher K5 has one Water connection with a 3/4 "male thread, so each commercially available water hose connected can be.

For the quick change Kärcher also attaches a quick change connection, which I use, of course. In the connector is a sieve, the Although removal requires a pair of pliers, but provides filtered water.

Ready connected, the main switch can be operated, giving the K5 a Short start of the pump motor and build up the operating pressure acknowledged. The water pressure is thus ready. The LED display on the Full Control Power Gun is interesting.

She shows the different pressure levels Mix, Soft, Medium and Hard but does not have a switch to select the steps.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: high

Full Control Power Gun with LED display

The question is answered with the first activation of the gun switch: "Mix" lights up. Here it works Water quite leisurely from the nozzle and uses the built-in Plug 'n' Clean featureto mix water with detergent.

If the jet nozzle is now adjusted, the LED display on the grip also changes. The LED display serves as a control, in which setting the jet pipe located.

The setting can certainly be synonymous on but the LED display makes it much easier, A manual setting becomes a digital display.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

Easy-to-use main switch

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: pressure

Practical hose rewind

Pictures say more than 1000 words

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: Kärcher

Practical extensions for 1.6 m more reach

Before-and-after pictures clearly show the effect that a Cleaning device achieved, but do not guarantee that not in between a brush or a sharp cleaning agent were used.

Therefore, a video clip below is to demonstrate the work of Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control. Here are the briefly presented cleaning work.

Vermoostes and dirty roof

A self-built Spielhaus (Finnhütte) of the children stands with a roof area to the north and one to the south. Because the North side very rarely reaches the sun, it dries slowly and puts on moss.

This must be done every few years Moss removed as it stores moisture and attacks the surface, which can lead to rust in a tin roof. The perfect use for a high-pressure cleaner has been found. Particularly useful here are the extensions, whereby the upper surfaces are easily reached.

The result is terrific and effortlessly removes any dirt particles and moss. Caution is however, if the surface already shows rusty spots, The enormous pressure of the Kärcher K5 is quite able to dissolve paint, which no longer adheres to the surface as a closed surface.

Weathered garden table and children's slide

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

Impressive test result

Anticipation of the note that Plastic surfaces can only be cleaned with the "Medium" setting should. Under the "Hard" setting, the water jet penetrates into the surface and dissolves the upper plastic fibers.

New plastic furniture with a noch smooth and solid surface are less sensitive to water pressure as old and already attacked surfaces.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: pressure

High pressure cleaned children's slide

The test bench has been exposed for many years to all weather conditions that have already ruined the surface to such an extent that Water and dirt have penetrated and discolored the white plastic.

One of many storms additionally provided for a small flight in the garden and damaged the table top.

At this shortly before the disposal standing table can also strongest setting of the jet nozzle no longer cause damagebut it is particularly well suited to demonstrate the performance of the Karcher - and that is absolutely convincing.

The children's slide is about seven years old and has common soiling that does not settle so clearly. The Surface of the chute, however, is hard enough to easily handle the heavy cleaning stage to tolerate.

This can be easily tested in a non-visible place. After a short processing with the Kärcher, the surface should continue to be smooth and not fibrous feel.

Fountain with putti made of cast stone

Lots smooth surfaces, such as garden furniture or children's slides, can be laboriously with a brush clean. For porous and uneven stone surfaces, however, one does not pass a high-pressure cleaner, as this test shows very clearly.

Again Garden table, the children's slide or the roof of the Finnhütte, is also the fountain for many years the weather conditions exposed. Moss and dirt have not let it shine for a long time - after the treatment with the Kärcher K5 Premium the fountain is white again. The result is definitely convincing.

With the dirt mill to the clean terrace and barbecue

With the dirt mill, the heavy guns are driven up, which may really be used only on stone and unpainted metal surfaces. The result is all the more impressive: The old gray sidewalk tiles are much brighter and look friendlier.

The difference is just enormous and hard to imagine. Even wet, the cleaned concrete stands out clearly from the environment from. Advantageous here are poured joints or a jointless laying of paving stones.

With a loose joint installation something must be worked more carefully, in order not to rinse these out. Maybe that is also the To renew the opportunity of weeding infested joints.

Anyone who likes to grill, like me, certainly knows the effort required to clean the grill afterwards. Our Grill grate is made of 8 mm stainless steel round material and therefore can handle a lot, so that the dirt moulder is allowed to run here.

Without diTo soak a baked crust, you can clearly see in the video, like the shiny surface to the fore comes. However, the poles partially turn away, so that the complete cleaning takes more time.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: high

Facade cleaning before

Useful but the application is safe and a preparation with the eThe available universal cleaner eco! ogic would have the effect certainly improve significantly.

facade cleaning

At the Air intake and the air outlet of our air heat pump often forms condensation, which runs along the plaster and thus ensures traces of dirt and rust from the ventilation grille.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: high

Facade cleaning afterwards

Since here rather the setting "Hard" should not be used, the distance away Dirt not so easy and not completely.

That for me sufficient result, however, I have left so as not to damage the rubbing compound on the thermal insulation.

Maybe I am too careful and the remaining slight traces would also have to be removed to let.

Also on the VI did not use the stone and facade cleaner, so that afterwards the cleaned areas do not stand out from the rest of the wall.

Video to the test of Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control

Plug 'n' Clean and the Surface Cleaner

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

Pressure adjustment on the Surface Cleaner

The Surface Cleaner is easy to handle clean larger areas such as stone or wooden terraces, For this purpose, two nozzles rotate through the water pressure, which significantly increase the working circle.

Depending on the surface, the pressure for hard surfaces can be set to full power or throttled for wood. By the discharged water pressure The Surface Cleaner lifts off slightly, which reduces friction and for easy guidance provides.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: product

Rotatable nozzles of the Surface Cleaner

The water pressure is not as aggressive as with the dirt bur, so even loosely grouted paving stones and paving slabs can be cleaned. The Of course, cleaning results will not reach the dirt mill, but is clearly visible and convinced.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: Kärcher

Plug 'n' Clean for easy cleaning up

Supportive for cleaning by means of water pressure, cleaning agents can also be used. Here shows a very meaningful and easy-to-use concept from Kärcher.

Instead of awkward that Refill detergent or the bottle on the handle it is simply placed upside down in the K5.

One yourself Sealing opening allows the liquid removal and seals automatically when lifted. If no cleaning agent is needed, the bottle only needs to be removed and placed upside down in the holder.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: pressure

3-in-1 stone and facade cleaner

The scope of delivery already includes the 3-in-1 Stone and Facade Cleaner. This one is in the Setting "Mix" applied to the surface to be cleaned and after a short exposure time, the actual cleaning can be started.

3-in-1 stands for in this case Active dirt remover, reduced re-soiling and wind & weather protection, The Vorsorgeschutz can be difficult to test in a short test period, the cleaning effect on heavily soiled garbage bin is clearly visible.

To mention is certainly still that of Stone and Facade Cleaner easily biodegradable surfactants contains and therefore can be used without hesitation.

Clean stars for the Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control

If you want natural cleanliness and the cleaning effect of water, you can not miss a high-pressure cleaner. Kärcher is the epitome of high-pressure cleaners, as the Kärcher is instrumental in the development of high-pressure cleaners was and is involved.

Product test: Kärcher high pressure cleaner K5 Premium: Kärcher

Our rating

This is also reflected in the tested K5 Premium Full Control. Already the first impression convinced of a high quality of workmanship, which absolutely corresponds to the price. The K5 is not just a tool.

Many small functions and options, such as an extendable handle or the possibility to stow accessories, enrich the comfort and make the work easier. A LED display in the Full Control Power Gun shows the setting of the Vario Power Jet nozzle and extensions ensure that even higher areas are easily reached.

The Kärcher stands out especially by the possible and already supplied accessories. It hardly remains Possibilities open, with which surfaces are not cleaned can.

Included in delivery two extensions of 0.8 m each, the Vario Power Jet nozzle, a dirt moulder, a liter of stone cleaner concentrate and the floor cleaner "Surface Cleaner", so that the field of application is already enormous. Kärcher offers a comprehensive range of accessories for special solutions.

All in all, the Kärcher high-pressure cleaner K5 Premium Full Control convinces in all respects and errors could not be found in the application or in the quality. Close to five stars slips the K5 just over, because the manual is not quite the general quality standard of the device and detailed assembly information is missing.

Here, Kärcher likes to put more emphasis on the same quality as the device. Although the K5 already offers the possibility to attach accessories, it might be something more. Especially the Extensions are very useful in use, but can not be transported on the device.

However, the small dots do not limit the quality of work and the Kärcher K5 Premium Full Control masters all required cleaning work.

It's fun to work with this pressure washer and after the first missions become really polluted areas and objects wanted, in which the Kärcher can still be used - our absolute buy recommendation.

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