Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: product

Since the year 2001 Bort deals with the Production of home appliances and tools to the professional user.

To give us an insight about the Quality and performance of the tools to procure, we want the Router BOF-1080N take a closer look and undergo a detailed test.

Since the manufacturer does not give a sales price, we compare the online prices, which with around 85 € are quite cheap and settle among manufacturers, such as Bosch, but over NoName products. We can therefore expect a good DIY class and adjust our claims accordingly.

Just in time for Christmas, Bort's router was allowed its first skills in the production of Christmas decoration prove. More at the end of the article.

Technical specifications


  • Idling speed: 11000 - 30000 min-1
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Power consumption: 1200 watts
  • Clamping diameter: 6 and 8 mm
  • Cable length: 2 m
  • maximum milling depth: 45 mm

Many accessories in the box

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: product

Scope of delivery of the Bort router BOF-1080N

For many home improvement is one Suitcase desirable, but also the Bort router comes - like almost all devices of this class - in carton, This is but stable enough and sensibly small held so that it is quite suitable as a longer storage and always finds a place in the tool cabinet.

The included basic equipment is extensive and covers all important work. stop milling such as copy milling are possible and also a simpler Router compass is not missing. Even one milling cutter is settled, with the first milling attempts can be made.

It makes sense that all small parts in resealable bags are housed. This way, used small parts can be repacked and do not fly loose in the carton. A small thing, but a nice difference to many other welded packaging.

We are very satisfied and would like to take a closer look at the machine in the next step.

The manual shortly

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: test

Bort Router BOF-1080N - Instruction Manual

After opening the bag (which can also be closed) with the operating instructions, we hold three individual folders in our hands. They share in the Warranty conditions, the safety instructions and the actual operating instructions in endless languages.

The division pleases, since here the buyer is left, which part he picks up and which not. Something irritates the right thin booklets of the manual, So thin and in 27 languages?

With the first glance in the guide reach us absolutely sharp and easy to understand pictures for the construction and extensions of the router. Such quality on glossy paper is rarely seen.

However, five pages later, it becomes clear why the manual with many languages ​​fits in a thin booklet. Only one page per language is required which summarizes all information. Although the pictures are mostly self-explanatory at the beginning, a few additional words would be desirable.

The contained text refers mainly to safety instructions, Important tips for working with a router are missing However. The reduces the initially very good impression a perfect user manual.

Ambitious do-it-yourselfers will certainly cope with this, but beginners should spend a lot of time and energy on the topic of the router.

Quality and functions at first glance

Before the BOF-1080N is allowed to dip into wood for the first time, we take a closer look at our test device. The first Impression of workmanship is good and we obviously have one solid tool in good workmanship infront of us. Everything is there, where it has to go and also a depth stop with quick adjustment and fine adjustment is not missing.

What, though is missing, is a small piece of plastic made of acrylic, which the Milling depth adjustment on the scale displays. The buyer would complain about this and get replaced safely. We neglect this fact, since a small delivery error can happen to any manufacturer and this one Function of the tiller not really impaired.

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: router


Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bof-1080n

Fine adjustment of the milling depth

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bort

Locking lever Parallel guide

The two handles are on the right side of the Safety switch and left the speed control, Both are good to use and with the left fingers can be easily reach the lever to lock the lifting height.

Here there are absolutely nothing to complain about and also the weight moves with 3.2 kg absolutely in the frame comparable routers. In the middle a sticker with a "5-year guarantee" smiles at us and even if one hopes to never have to use it, it leaves a reassuring feeling.

The Depth stop is stable and also The revolver depth stop is easy adjust. To get a bit cramped and only with two fingers, is only the fine adjustment, which is likely to have a white mark next to a well.

Very good like the straight top, causing the BOF-1080N at Turn the tool change well on the head leaves.

Really obstructive, however, is an attached transparent protective screen, which also poses a little puzzle to us. How can it be removed if necessary? The screw for this is located centrally under the protective cover and can not be reached with a screwdriver.

Although it certainly actively supports occupational safety, it can sometimes be a hindrance and an obstacle Possibility of removing the protective cover should be given his. If there is still a possibility for disassembly, it is unfortunately not described in the manual.

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: router

Unreachable clamping screw?

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bort

Well thought-out chip evacuation

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bort

Mounted chip extraction

The Chip evacuation is sensibly considered and should remove almost every chip. In contrast, we see that critically quite brittle material, which is additionally charged unfavorably when placing the router.

That too Weight of the suction hose is not to be despised and pulls hard on the material. A small bracket that fixes the hose above would certainly be beneficial and worthy of a general consideration. Whether our concerns are justified will become apparent after repeated use.

Smooth running with draft

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bort

Working with a home-made cutting circle

thanks integrated locking button The tool change is quite comfortable and with the enclosed bent key, this can also be done behind the protective screen or with mounted chip extraction.

In addition, the BOF-1080N surprises us with one pleasant smoothness, who hardly noticed the rpm. At full speed, of course, it still reaches an unpleasant area and a Hearing protection is not mandatory when working with a router.

What is negative, however, is the quite uneven sliding plate, which causes the etched-on router tilter and what can lead to an inaccurate milling result. If the fixing screws are loosened a bit, the sliding plate also smooths out a bit.

In terms of performance, on the other hand, no compromises have to be made. Without loss of speed, she works through the wood and the specified deliveries of the turret adjustment result in an ideal delivery measure, with which you can work optimally.

Whether coincidence or thoughtful - one Homemade cutting circle for another brand router fits exactly into the base plate of the Bort BOF-1080N. Useful for the use of existing accessories.

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: product

Working with the radius cutter

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: product

Simple but practical cutting circle

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: test

Good layout with the rip fence

In other milling tasks of different applications proved the Milling cutter as very handy and met all the requirements without complications, as shown in the sample images. As a lot The position of the clamping lever proved to be advantageous, In normal working posture this can be loosened and tensioned.

The assembly of the Chip extraction takes place by means of two screws in the base plate, with which also the Attached adapter plate for copy milling can be. As expected, the chip extraction proves to be absolutely perfect.

Though it hinders the view of the router a little bit - which can hardly be changed - but ensures perfect extraction of the chips and the workplace remains pleasantly clean.

However, short milling also prevents the same Protective screen against unwanted encounters with chips and limits the distribution of chips significantly, so much was worked without suction.

Conclusion to the Bort router BOF-1080N

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: product

Our final grade

The router BOF-1080N from Bort convinced by a good Bedienbarkeit and one solid workmanship, In the lower speed range, it scores with a pleasant volume and smoothnesswithout sacrificing performance.

With just over 3 kg, it fits well in the hand and can be easily guide when milling contours, All elements for operation, such as the locking of the infeed depth, speed preselection or turret depth stop, are easy to achieve and perform their task optimally.

Especially stood out the Perfect chip extraction in the eyethat leaves hardly any chips left in the workplace. Whether it becomes brittle and fragile over time, as feared, can only be determined in a long-term test.

There was only deduction for the very lean failing manual, what an ambitious handyman with milling experience can safely overlook. Something less attractive is the uneven sliding plate, Although it is with the loosening of the screws something, but is not quite straight.

Despite the ease of use, the BOF-1080N should be very interesting for milling table installation. Even with the perfectly working chip extraction, it achieves a decent maximum milling depth, is powerful and its straight back is ideal for an easy to use lifting mechanism. We can pronounce our purchase recommendation without hesitation.

Implemented projects with the Bort router BOF-1080N

In addition to various trial cuts, the BOF-1080N also found practical use in the construction of two Christmas projects. First of all, a reindeer was made, where she showed her skills at the Milling contours had to prove.

She found her second job in the production of a Base plate by means of cutting circle for an Advent wreath. This can be found on our site as a construction manual. Building instructions Christmas wreath

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: test

Radial milling with the Bort router

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bort

Implemented project with the BOF-1080N

Product test: Bort router BOF-1080N: bof-1080n

Base plate made with cutting circle

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