Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: cordless

With a current Amazon price of 34 € belongs the KINZO Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion with the special marking "X-POWER" to the cheaper tools.

True to the well-known advertising slogan "Good does not have to be expensive" could be a real bargain.

Comparable cordless drills of the voltage class with 10.8 V lithium-ion batteries quickly cost double to threefold.

Our test should show whether such bargain tools are worthwhile or whether there is a big difference between "cheap" and "cheap", Below we will test other tools that are more likely to be discounted tools.

Without reservation in terms of price or manufacturer, these tools must also show what they can do - even if one or the other shortcoming is certainly accepted due to the low purchase price, they have to pay theirs Fulfill purpose and typical functions show.

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Speed: 0 - 550 min-1
  • Chuck: 10 mm
  • Torque settings: 11 + 1
  • Battery technology: Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery voltage: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: 1.3 Ah
  • Charger: 12 V 400 mA
  • Charging time: 3 - 5 h
  • Max. Torque: no information
  • Max. Screw size: no information
  • Max. Drill size: no information
  • additional equipment: integrated spirit level

Information about lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion technology has revolutionized cordless tools and significantly expanded their range of applications.

A higher efficiency makes it possible to make batteries significantly smaller in terms of performance or to implement tools with higher power requirements than the battery version. So are now Cordless portable circular saws or even cordless chain saws are not uncommon more.

However, lithium-ion batteries offer even more advantages: In contrast to previous NiCd batteries they have no memory effectbut only one minimal self-discharge and can too reloading every timen become.

Likewise, the power output differs considerably: While other battery variants with the discharge their performance almost proportionally lose Li-ion batteries provide continuous power until fully discharged.

However, lithium-ion batteries also have a disadvantage - they are allowed never be fully discharged, as this deep discharge can lead to irreparable damage to the battery.

Therefore, the tool battery or its associated tool with a Deep discharge protection equippedt, which prevents further use if the battery level is too low.

Packaging and delivery

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

Minimal basic equipment

According to the price, both the packaging and the contents are rather sparse There is no suitcase, no extra bag or basic bits - The cordless drill / driver, the charger and the operating instructions are only loosely packed in the box, protected by bags.

However, starting from the purchase price, you should not be able to wait any longer.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: test

Packaging with information

On the other hand, all are meaningful and important necessary information on the packaging.

This should be easy to remove which tool is involved and which accessories are included.

Likewise, the most important performance information is a must, At first glance, the packaging of the KINZO X-POWER Cordless Drill meets all requirements.

Only an indication of the power - the torque - is not found. This statement is certainly an important purchase decision, because of the specified voltage or speed no conclusions can be drawn about the possible torque. Also an AEnter the maximum drill or screw size is not found.

A thick but poor manual

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: product

Very small font

Thick and almost like a book, the manual is presented in many languages ​​- but they also need a lot of space, which on the one hand in a thick notebook and on the other hand in a extremely small font makes noticeable.

The instructions are not designed to quickly search for something and to skim through the individual pages - here you have to look very closely and get one or the other the reading glasses.

In terms of content, there is not much to complain about, Very clearly the most important functions are listed and explained well on pictures. Also the usual safety instructions are not missing.

There are also here technical data is insufficientt and there are neither details on the torque in hard or soft screwing nor to find the maximum drilling or screw sizes.

Information that should not be missing with a cordless screwdriver or cordless drill and why we describe the manual as defective. Without such information can not be understood when buying, whether the tool meets the desired requirements equivalent.

The first impression is not always the best

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

Significantly larger

After unpacking we hold one quite heavy and for the 10.8 V class powerful big cordless drill in the hand - much larger than comparable 10.8 V screwdrivers.

We immediately notice that he has no gear shift, In theory, he could even be smaller than comparison models. As the photo shows, he is instead taller and therefore is not so good in the hand.

Although he has on the handle offset surfaces, but these are not gummed and therefore offer little support.

The problem is also very far behind shifted front shift of the direction of rotation, The switch must already be "intensively" operated, which is hardly possible with the thumb in normal Schraubhaltung. For this the must Changed attitude, the cordless drill thus deposed become.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: kinzo

No rubberized grip surfaces

However, there are no errors in the processing. The transition between the contrasting surfaces even works very qualitatively.

Of the used plastic that can not be said unfortunately: The large gray areas are very smooth and give a brittle impression. They also offer not a good stop and reflect the low price contrary.

Instead of the gear change is located at the same place a small spirit level, or the corresponding dragonfly. Meaningful or not?

The screwdriver can only be very hard to align with the dragonfly and no later than when operating the switch, you are no longer in the exact horizontal position. More accurate than with a lateral control view of the screwdriver, it is with this "spirit level" certainly not.

Questionable is also the sense in this position. How often is it really necessary to set a cordless drill exactly horizontally and how often is it? while a view from above on the screwdriver possible?

The KINZO is also suitable not for drilling holes in a wallwhere the integrated spirit level might be helpful.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

Useful spirit level?

In keeping with the current state of the art, the KINZO X-POWER has one integrated work light in the form of an LED, This is right bright and shines the working position well.

On the other hand Unfortunately, a battery indicator is missing, which reveals the condition of the battery. Since lithium-ion batteries have a stable performance for a very long time and then drop off suddenly, it is not noticeable during operation whether the battery can be used for another hour or even just one minute.

A Battery status display should therefore always to the basic equipment belong. The KINZO 10.8V Li-ion cordless drill is unfortunately missing.

The Kinzo X-POWER in action

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: cordless

3 to 5 hours charging time

At the beginning, we pointed out that lithium-ion batteries should never be subjected to deep discharge. Even if the instruction manual is the passage "To avoid possible problems, the battery of this tool is delivered with low charge."contains, is the optimal charge for storage between 40% and 60% - it should never be completely emptied become.

Why do we emphasize this fact several times? With the delivery of the cordless drill, the battery power had almost reached zero: The LED just glowed one last time and the Battery was in the state of deep discharge, Fortunately, it could be loaded normally and carried no damage.

It is not a good decision to pack a "low charge" battery. Although lithium-ion batteries have a very low self-discharge, but a low output charge in combination with a long storage or long transport routes can eventually lead to a total discharge to lead.

In addition, if a charger is included, which is indicated with a charging time between 3 and 5 hours, you should not be too happy about its new tool. Then it is important to wait until the battery is charged. Already after something over 3 hours it was so far and the red indicator light on the charger went out - after the Unfortunately, the current state of the art takes too long.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

The food tightens well

For the first screw test now a bit holder should be clamped and we were surprised by another missing function: The KINZO X-POWER has no engine block and to open or cock the quick chuck, one ring must be held on the back of the chuck with one hand and the other turned on the chuck in the appropriate direction.

With big hands that will quickly be very problematic, because on the one hand little grip surface is present and secondly the surface of the feed little grip offers.

Amazingly, However, the clamped tools kept very well and also a 50 mm Forstner drill did not rotate in the chuck under load.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

Fast on the limit

However, during the stress test, the KINZO cordless screwdriver performed less well. With smaller screws he had no problems under however, it breaks down very quickly.

A test screw of 8 x 160 mm, he only sunk to 40 mm, while a comparison model, the 160 mm almost completely brought into the wood.

Of course, this screw size is not intended for screwdrivers of this performance class. It serves in this case to determine the power limit.

Likewise, the 11 torque settings not convincing, They are easy to adjust and are clearly readable, but define only a simple slip clutch and do not have a real endpoint.

Although the different settings are noticeable, the Chuck turns, however, even with spinning torque adjustment continue. For example, a 6 mm screw can be submerged under level 3 as well as under level 6.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: drill

Only under rattles the torque adjustment is usable

Under both settings, the torque setting already turns through when screwing in, but the screw can still be lowered deeply.

A significant interruption of the rotational movement does not take place by the contact of the screw head with the wood, which makes the presetting of the torque superfluous makes.

The Drilling accomplished its purpose and also for larger Forstner drills the power of the screwdriver is sufficient.

For smaller holes, however, makes the low maximum speed noticeable: 500 rpm are not enough to drill small holes, which is noticeable in the progress of work and the drill edges. When drilling metal decreases below Load the speed significantly, thereby working with minimal pressure can be. For such works is the KINZO not recommendedn.

Conclusion - Little tool for little money

The KINZO X-POWER cordless drill 10.8V Li-ion is a very affordable cordless drill with 34 €, which must be cutbacks compared to expensive brand models. Who can do without any luxury is probably satisfied with it.

Product test: Kinzo Cordless Drill 10.8V Li-ion: cordless

However, a cordless driller should have some functionality in our eyes and existing elements should work.

At first glance, the rather heavy and big cordless driller still looks solid, but had many weaknesses that make the usability significantly more difficult.

Smooth gripping surfaces, a poorly achievable direction of rotation, no motor lock and a missing battery status indicator are just a few key points that negatively impact the overall impression.

As a shortcoming, however, is the existing, but unusable torque setting to see. In every setting, she interrupts rattling the screwing and still allows a screwing movement. Your task does not fulfill the torque preselection.

Why Nowhere is information on the torque or the maximum drill or screw diameters are left to the manufacturer, who is not obliged to do so.

However, the buyer is thus deprived of the possibility to compare tools of different manufacturers and to get an overview of the executable work. If a manufacturer renounces such information, this decision should give the customer food for thought.

Finally, it remains to be stated that in the case of the KINZO X-POWER the purchase price clearly kept low at the expense of functionality has been. For a regular use we can do ours Do not pronounce buy recommendation.

Suitable for this In the meantime, LED lighting is also missing its service and remains dark, Who looks for a cheap second driver, should pay attention to the manufacturer's information. Much better equipped devices (2 gears, higher speed, information on torque, auto-lock, spindle lock, etc.) are already available for about 40 €.

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