Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system)

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): starter

Thanks always Better and faster technology alarm systems are constantly cheaper and more extensive, as Lupus Electronics prove with the starter package Lupusec - XT1.

To the basic equipment for approximately 660 € RRP and 490 € in the Internet trade belong the Control center, a window contact and motion detector as well as the keypad, with which many areas can be safely monitored.

But alone as an alarm system, the Lupusec - XT1 would not count: By numerous extensions can not only monitor living spacesbut also switch sockets, control temperatures and control the heating, which corresponds to a smart home control.

In our test, however, we limit ourselves to the accessories of the starter set and its function as an alarm system. Already here offers the Technology so many functions and possibilitiesthat technology enthusiasts should get some sleepless nights.

The sense of the many possibilities and whether the enthusiasm will continue in action, will show our test

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 175 x 150 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 0.51 kg
  • Maximum number of sensors: 20
  • Maximum number of radio-controlled sockets: 8
  • Maximum number of PIR network cameras: 6
  • Maximum number of analog / digital cameras: 4
  • Sabotage protection: Yes
  • Battery control of the sensors: Yes
  • UPnP support: Yes
  • Internal memory: Yes
  • Email: Yes [limited (Note of R.)]
  • Alerting options: Email, SMS, Contact-ID via TCP / IP
  • Radio frequency: 868.6625 MHz and 2.4 MHz
  • Radio power: maximum 10 mW
  • Transmission range: 30 - 100 m
  • Fastening possibility: table device or wall mounting
  • Power supply: 12 V DC and emergency power 1100 mAh Ni-mh
  • Ambient temperature: -10 - 45° C
  • Access and operation: via PC (web browser), MacOS (web browser), iPhone (mobile view), Android (LUPUSEC app)

Packaging and delivery

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): test

Thick foam protects the contents

The on the first look quite manageable content comes in a relatively large box, which appears in an appealing design and also contains some important information.

The assessment of the packaging is in this case, however, secondary because the items are certainly not kept in it and the buyer should not inform themselves on such an investment on the information on the packaging: this is certainly already one in advance more intensive research and ideally a conversation with the customer service necessary.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): product

Meaningful basic equipment

When opening, the reason for the large packaging becomes evident, which can be found in the absolutely secure protection of the components.

On thick foam, which can be removed in two layers, encloses every single part and even if the delivery on the shipping way would be handled rudely, the inside would be absolutely nothing. A small drawback remains - the foam smells very unpleasant for glue.

The individual products have it however nothing recorded and are relatively odorless.

The scope of supply includes a basic equipment of the alarm system, which consists of the following products:

  • Lupusec - XT1 control panel with power supply, 1.5m network cable and mounting hardware for wall mounting
  • Lupusec - XT Keypad with battery
  • 2 Lupusec - Window / door contacts with batteries and mounting material for screwing or gluing
  • Lupus - PIR motion detector with battery and mounting hardware

Everything together allows a first test and also the backup of an object - as a starter set a useful basic equipment, which is expandable at any time.

The first impression can be decisive

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): lupusec

Rear connections

As the headline says, the first impression may be crucial. For electronic products, however, is rather die usability and of course the function in the foreground.

Nevertheless, it may be mentioned that all parts optically one sound impression and also the central unit - which is possibly placed or mounted in the living room - optically well and discreetly position.

The separate keypad even makes it possible that the control panel does not necessarily have to be in the reachable area: Since it does not require direct operation, it can be installed somewhere near a network connection.

Since the system works via radio, the central unit requires only a few connections, which are limited to the power supply and a network connection.

Additionally are located on the Back of a learning button as well as a concealed switchto activate the internal battery. This supplies the central unit with power for about eight hours and thus prevents manipulation by switching off the power supply.

The central unit can be opened set up four rubber feet, but alternatively also by means of a mounting rail on the wall hanging. The method with a rail pleases particularly well, since it can be fixed permanently and the center absorbs.

Many devices need for wall mounting two well positioned screws and the hanging and removal often leave unsightly marks on the wall. These damages of the wall are excluded here.

Attachment of the danger detector

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): lupusec

Uniform opening

What is particularly noticeable and one positive impression, is the possibility to attach all extensions by means of screws or adhesive pads. Especially with new windows, it would be a shame to damage them with screw holes.

The danger of fuses being manipulated by this attachment is not possible thanks to the sabotage button: when an element is removed from its place, an integrated switch triggers an alarm.

Who still prefers the massive attachment, can all Screw elements concealed after opening the device, Uniformly, all extensions have a screw underneath and can easily be opened up after loosening them.

Possible screw holes are preformed, but not yet open, whereby a closed housing is maintained when not in use. The positions of the screw holes were marked black for the photo.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): test

Concealed attachment

In addition, the PIR motion detector offers the possibility of using a triangular base to fix at an angle, which allows it to be attached to almost any surface in the desired position.

No matter which mounting method is used for all components - the tamper protection is maintained. Even if an attempt is made to force open the case to eventually remove the battery.

The window and door contacts also offer an extended accessory set with which Height differences to the window frame of up to 1.4 cm compensateLet n. These documents have on the one hand holes for a fixed fixation and on the other hand adhesive surfaces to avoid damage to the windows.

Should 1.4 cm be insufficient or other fastening problems occur, the benefit is nevertheless not excluded: The activation of the magnetic contact transmits up to about 2 cm, which ensures sufficient freedom in positioning.

Installation according to a comprehensive manual

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): starter

Locate IP address

at complicated electronic devices, the manual is a very special meaningbecause it not only informs about basic functions, but also acts permanently as a reference book. For this, the operating instructions of the Lupusec - XT1 makes a solid impression.

It almost reminds you of one small book in DIN A5 format, but contains only the German language, This fact already suggests that there is plenty of content to read and certainly also to learn.

The manual opens with a clear table of contents and the usual safety instructions. After that, the important information for setting up, connecting and commissioning the base station begins.

If the base station is properly connected, it must be called up for further settings in the browser window. For this it is necessary the IP of the alarm system in the domestic network to know. According to the manual, the supplied software should display this.

However, it is also sufficient to look at the listing of the router, which should have the entry "alarm_panel". The corresponding IP must then be entered in the address bar of the browser - recommended Mozilla Firefox - and after entering the standardized user data The user interface of the Lupusec XT1 opens.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): lupusec

Start menu of the alarm system

In the following, the operating instructions describe each individual menu item of the software. Although all the controls are explained, it would be better to have a step-by-step installation guide.

For the basic installation, Lupus offers a video on its homepage, which explains the structure and the connection to new sensors. These installation procedures are very easy and quick to implement.

The following reception test of the sensors is useful: Herewith the reception strength can be tested at the later place of use. In our test was the Alarm system in the workshop 20 meters from the house and even in the house - with cast concrete walls - was sufficient reception strength for a safe feedback available.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): pack

Activation via app

In our opinion, the first step would have to be the change of the access data, which unfortunately is not mentioned. Then the should Time can be set correctly and so is one Checking the current firmware important.

Points that not everyone thinks of and is not directly pointed out by the manufacturer. However, following the initial hint that reads the entire manual, it becomes clear what is possible and important.

Also a Looking through the menu items is reminiscent of many setting options and out of curiosity all points should be considered.

After some time, many of the settings options can be recorded. With such a scope, however, it is hardly possible to remember everything immediately, the flow of information is just too big. With the help of well-explaining user manual however, each question is quickly resolved.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): starter

Complete menu of the app

All in all, the operating instructions can be seen everything: It is very well explained and richly illustrated. Even the use of the free app is described and the establishment of dynamic DNS - important for the use of the app and access via the Internet - explained.

The help is not limited to the own software, also the use of possible third party providers, like the possible SMS-dispatch, are comprehensively described - for it a big advantage.

Finally, the operating instructions also contain an explanation of all possible additional components. At least now it is clear that this is not just a pure alarm system.

With Temperature sensors, smoke detectors, radio relays, network cameras and much more There are extensive possibilities for monitoring and home automation.

The practical test in our test workshop

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): test

XT1 - control panel, keypad and PIR motion detector

For a first test of the individual components, we screwed these directly to the workshop wall and found that the Installation is very easy, To do this, all sensors only need to loosen one screw and lift off the front.

Is the Rear panel attached, the front can be hung again and fixed with a screw - done! After logging in to the Lupusec XT1 base station, the attached components are already ready for use.

If the window contact is opened, the loud siren of the base stationwhich can also be extended to an external siren. Both can be activated and deactivated separately.

The motion detector does not respond immediately. This reports Movements only every three minutes, which means that only an alarm message will be sent if no movement has been registered for 3 minutes. So there is enough time to leave the detection area even without an activated delay.

According to Lupus Electronics, the included battery should last for about three years and declare yourself in a faltering state. However, our test was not quite as positive and on the second day was a message due to a too weak battery.

The alarm system can only be activated with an additional confirmation and the motion detector remains deactivated. However, measurements showed a battery voltage of 3.1 V and also the imprint of 08/15 referred to a fairly new battery.

Age weakness was therefore ruled out and a day later disappeared the message without a battery change. As long as the error does not repeat, we conclude that there is a poor power transfer from the battery contacts. The error message proves, however, that Battery status messages are continuously evaluated.

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): starter

Operation of the keypad

The XT Keypad is a very useful accessory that you can not do without. Without a keypad, the alarm system would have to be activated and deactivated by means of an app or in the browser window. additionally The keypad has switchable shortcutsto enable predefined alarm options.

The installation is quite simple and only requires a few keystrokes. The reception range is also enormous, so that the alarm system can be activated from the outside or from an outbuilding. Note, however, that the security code is set uniformly and should be changed.

The XT1 center has the Possibility by siren, app, SMS or email directly via alerts to inform. However, this did not quite fit our expectations.

If you want to be "discreetly" informed about the triggering of an alarm, only SMS and email can be used, as the app lists alarms, but does not signal them. For SMS use is a Online SMS service necessary, which causes additional costst - for many sure a reason for rejection.

The email is free and in the smartphone age a frequently used way for notifications. However, the XT1 only has a fairly simple mail function, which does not work with all mail servers. In our attempt, our own servers were recognized, but mails were not sent. According to Lupus Electronics Gmail and Yahoo can be trusted mail servers.

Who shuns the fee-based SMS shipping, thus has limited ability to be informed about an acute alarm triggering mobile. Here should be improved in any case and the app to spend an additional alarm function, should not be a very big effort.

Conclusion to the LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack

Product test: LUPUSEC - XT1 Starter Pack (alarm system): pack

Our rating

The Lupusec - XT1 Starter Set makes something and not only pleases optically: Absolutely reliable secures the central unit their area to be monitored and works perfectly with additional hazard detectors.

These can be almost unlimited expand and install within a few seconds. Thanks to browser and app control, the central unit can be conveniently set up and operated. In addition, will be Manipulations are monitored as well as the status of the battery.

For a perfect utilization of the technology the Lupusec - XT1 has the possibility to use the base not only as an alarm system: By means of temperature sensors, radio relays and many other useful extension In addition, an easy-to-use home automation system can be set up and saves the purchase of an additional Smart Home controller.

Already in the user manual of the central unit, all current extensions are listed, presented and explained in their operation. An end to the possibilities is certainly not yet in sight. If the very clear operating instructions, due to additional extensions, no longer up to date, is an updated version as PDF available at any time.

Despite a perfectly perfectly equipped and well working Lupusec - XT1 we have to deduct half a star. Unfortunately we lack an alarm function of the app and also cooperation with each mail server should be improved.

Since these are only points, which can be fixed by means of updates and need no additional technology, these shortcomings are not so significant.

We would hope that this will be improved quickly - then we could justify five stars.

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