Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Brüder Mannesmann GmbH specializes in the import and export of machine tools, which they offer under their name. We want the us Miter Saw M12840 1200W take a closer look and undergo an intensive test.

The miter saw is a versatile tool for making bevel and miter cuts, but also for tailoring the quick cut to size.

For this purpose, it should be kept stable in order to avoid cutting errors, have sufficient safety precautions and be easy to operate with enough power.

With 1200 watts, the saw from the home of the brothers Mannesmann should have sufficient power to implement simple tasks in the home workshop.

As a special feature is advertised with a laser cut indicator and even a second finer saw blade for clean cuts is enclosed.

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Voltage: 230 V ~ / 50 Hz
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Idling speed: 4500 min-1
  • Saw blade size: 210 mm x 3.0 mm (bore 30 mm)
  • Miter cuts: 2 x 45° with snap function
  • Tilt: stepless 0 - 45°
  • Sound pressure level 94 dB
  • Laser: Class 2 with up to 1 mW
  • Power Laser: 2 x 1.5V AAA

Sufficient accessories in a package that offers little protection

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: test

Items loose in the carton

Already when lifting the box, you notice that the miter saw is very easy. Although a stable and heavy version is expected especially for saws, a lightweight must not be a disadvantage and we let ourselves from the statement (still) do not influence.

However, the fact that it rattles in the cardboard in a metallic manner has a negative impact on us. Is it about returned goods that have already been removed and repackaged?

No, the packaging and the tape are intact and obvious not much emphasis on the content placed.

A few bags for the saw, parts and the additional saw blade and everything else remains loose in the box. Although the teeth of the replacement saw blade are protected by an extra silicone sheath, yet it is not fixed, it can damage the saw or even be damaged by the loose parts of the table widening. The first impression is unfortunately not the best with this packaging.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

included supply

The accessories includes another saw blade, table extensions, a chip collecting bag, a clamping device and a hexagonal wrench, which is needed to change the saw blade.

That is not very much, but corresponds approximately to the required basic equipment. It would be desirable only a Phillips screwdriver, which is needed to fix the table attachment.

A combination key for the saw blade change and the attachment of the table extensions would also serve the same purpose and provide for less small parts.

Manual - short, concise and good

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: test

Manual of the Mannesmann miter saw

The user manual does not offer any special surprises, but leaves no questions unanswered.

As with many manufacturers, it is divided into two booklets, the manual and the general safety instructions, which makes sense in any case.

However, we were confused when the text in the text with numbers were marked, but there was no pictures to see.

After a quick paging, we found it foldable in the back cover. A previously unseen positioning, which however works well.

Will the cover page with pictures unfolded, you can read the entire text of the manual and check the numbered elements in the graph. Why the fold-out page is at the end, is not understandable, but who knows it, has no restrictions and can refer to the manual basic functions.

Some more hints for sawing wood and the use of different saw blades, but would like to see. So it is limited to the saw itself and the available accessories.

After the first impression, only hope remains

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: miter

Many material defects

As initially described, the saw attracted a tremendous amount of fly weight, which apparently was not achieved by the use of special materials. The foot is As with most saws of this type, made of cast aluminum.

Unfortunately, this impresses not only by very thin walls, but also by Material defects, which are clearly visible on the saw table. Although these do not hinder the function, they do point to the processing of materials of inferior quality.

Further clouded is the first impression at a Stability control. The entire saw head with cap function can be tilted as well as the turntable. Bearing game was obviously capitalized.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Dust bag does not jam

The Rotary function for angle adjustment However, it engages well, has a relatively low game and can be additionally fixed.

Whether it is good that the clamping screw presses on the smooth surface of the turntable, will show up over time.

For dust and chip disposal, the Mannesmann miter saw has a suction connection, which can be provided with a dust collection bag for small jobs. Here continued the small inconvenience and the Spring for attachment is clearly too big.

The dust trap is therefore only on the suction and has no clamping effect. We can judge after the practical test how effective it is to collect chips.

Labile safety

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: miter

Labile but working Senksperre

Safety should be a top priority for saws, and so the saw has a saw blade guard that covers the saw blade when lifting. Although very unstable, The blade guard additionally prevents unintentional lowering of the head.

Unpleasant is unfortunately the material used. It is quite brittle and therefore it can happen that when handling or sawed off pieces of the protection is damaged or breaks.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: product

Miter angle scale (left) and tilt angle scale

This would not only result in a lack of coverage, the saw could also be lowered without operating the locking lever, since this uses only the protective cover as a lock. Certainly, this function can be solved in such a way, only the protection device should then be made of sheet steel or another more stable material.

Therefore, the Mannesmann miter saw in the field of security can not collect many points.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Laser-cut display

Very good the angle markings, which are strong and therefore easy to read. This concerns the miter and tilt angle display. The laser is also very good on the wood.

The fact that it needs an extra battery compartment and must be switched on externally, is not a special feature and is implemented by many manufacturers in selbiger form. The required batteries are not included in the delivery.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Battery compartment for lasers

Terribly warped saw table

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

Arched saw table

The additional table extensions serve to hang up even long pieces of material safely. It is important that the table extensions have the same height as the saw table.

To test this, we put on a spirit level and had to find with astonishment that not only the extensions are well below the table height. The rotatable saw table is arched and sits higher than the side surfaces on which the material is stretched.

The enormous deviation is clearly visible with a test angle and leads to a dangerous situation when sawing. If one side of a wooden strip is stretched on a convex table, the other side leveres upwards and is not lying on the saw table during the cutting process, which is clearly visible in the last picture.

Saw cuts are not perpendicular and the material springs.

Strong saw cuts with a lot of play

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

Saw table higher than clamping surface

After the rather frightening first impression, we will nevertheless carry out cutting tests, due to the curved table and the bad tension of the material but limited to a few test cuts.

The Mannesmann 1200 W runs with a push on the on / off switch jerkily and without soft start, which would probably be too much to ask in this price range.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Table extension too low

With the thumb, the blade guard is unlocked and the saw can be lowered while the blade guard opens.

She runs a saw accordingly loud and Ear protection should be worn. However, it is no louder compared to other miter and miter saws and joins the midfield.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

Workpiece is not lying on

The immersion in the material is barely noticeable and the built-in coarse saw blade cuts sovereign. Even taking advantage of the maximum depth of cut on a 80mm beam does not impress the saw.

The term "coarse saw blade" is to be taken only partially literally. The saw cut is clean and absolutely nothing fringes on the cut edge. Sufficient power and a good saw blade result in a perfektes cutting result.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: test


The first light cut after laser marking shows that it is well aligned and absolutely parallel to the cut. However, when sawing, it gives way to the play of the lowering device, shows the enormously labile construction on the saw cut clearly.

About 3 mm, the lowering can be pressed to the left and about 1.5 mm to the right. This is too much, because the saw will take this game on hard woods alone and exact cuts are no longer possible.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: mannesmann

Game in the lowering device

To test the angle setting an angle of 45° is set and then put the two saw pieces together. If the set angle is correct, then an exactly right angle of 90° should result.

The photo shows a little deviationwhich is not a problem. Due to temperature fluctuations or transport, the stops can be adjusted and must be readjusted when assembling the saw. Expensive branded devices are sometimes not excluded.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

Almost exact scale display

The same applies to the laser and the length specification at the stop. This is about 1.5 mm too far left after laser position. However, all angles, scales or stops can be aligned what should initially be done on each saw on specimens. We therefore do not regard these small deviations as a negative point.

Saw blade change with consequences

After the coarse saw blade could absolutely impress, now followed a change of sheets on the enclosed fine saw blade, which turned out not to be easy. According to the manual, the clamping screw should be greased from time to time - during assembly, this was obviously forgotten.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: miter

Angle is approximate

Alone with the included hex wrench could not solve the screw. Only with a lever extension was it to convince. The hex wrench still showed no signs this one certainly convinces.

The next steps to change sheets, however, in a Fummelarbeit. Although the Mannesmann brothers' saw can be locked in the lowest position, leaving the blade open and releasing the screw, however, the blade can not be removed.

Last but not least, the capping function stayed on top, the blade guard was manually held open and the saw blade, disc, clamping flange and screw were fastened with great patience and one hand.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: product

No problem with thick bars

Already shortly after the leaf change However, it became clear that this must be done again. A short sawing on a thin chipboard made an absolutely useless saw blade clear.

Hardly cut feed, the cut runs and the wood burns. A subsequent trial on a piece of soft glulam showed the same result. This saw blade is unusable.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

The fine saw blade fails, however

Finally, the hardly clampable chip bag surprised with a pretty good result. Circular saws and in particular miter saws tend to spread their chips widely.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: m12840

The dust bag can convince

Even with an active extraction, the results are often only satisfactory and the Mannesmann 1200 W crosscut and miter saw will not be spared. However, surprisingly many chips - about 70% - end up in the designated collection bag.

The photo shows the comparison, in the front the chips from the chip bag, behind the others on the workbench. For a miter saw without active extraction a quite good result.

Conclusion on the Mannesmann crosscut miter saw product test

At a price range of currently about 85 € (source Amazon) can certainly expect no mature and high-quality tool. Because of a powerful engine and one first class saw blade Nevertheless, the Mannesmann miter saw can still score a bit.

Also, the chip collecting bag and the laser for cutting display do a good job. Even if compressed air should already be available after a few cuts to clean the laser. Unfortunately this is not possible with a rag.

These few good points, however, can not distract from the overall test verdict. Thin walls and a labile construction make true-to-life cuts to gambling and are limited to soft materials. With the enclosed finer saw blade saw cuts are completely impossible.

Product test: Mannesmann miter saw M12840: miter

Ultimately, the warped saw table and the different heights, which makes wood not plan and, above all, not safe to pull, that we can not give our buy recommendation.

In order to shorten a bar every now and then, the cutting accuracy should be sufficient, but safety is a priority and should be a top priority.

If parts are not lying flat on the saw table and can not be tensioned, the safety is not given and this tool should not be used further. Therefore we have to advise against a purchase.

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