Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: battery

For some it is a burden and for others it is a hobby - mowing the lawn. However, working with one Lawn mower alone is often not sufficient. It There are edges, corners, shrubs or other obstaclesin which you can not work properly with a lawnmower. The final fine tuning is only possible with a lawn scissors or a lawn trimmer.

Hinderlich, if you finally worked with the trimmer all the corners and edges and pull the power cable behind. A mobile grass trimmer with petrol engine is heavy and often oversized. On Cordless grass trimmer therefore offers a good alternative.

But whether the battery power is sufficient and a battery trimmer offers the same advantages as a cable device is ours Show test of the battery lawn trimmer GM-LI 1825 by garden master.

Technical specifications

manufacturer's instructions

  • Battery voltage: 18V
  • Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah lithium ion
  • Working width: 25 cm
  • Cutting system: nylon knife
  • Cutting head adjustment: 4-fold angle adjustment and 180° rotatable
  • Running time: approx. 30 minutes / idle 60 minutes
  • Charging time: approx. 3 - 5 hours
  • Height adjustment: Telescopic pole with adjustable additional handle
  • Weight: approx. 1.93 kg

Simple packaging and simple construction

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: product

Simple packaging

When packaging, we expect no big surprises. On simple cardboard in which the grass trimmer and required items stowed. A real suitcase would take on a trimmer cumbersome dimensions and so we are completely satisfied with this variant.

Who prefers his Pack the grass trimmer in the winter and in the attic or stowing in the workshop, however, is forced to remove the protective cover over and over again, as the grass trimmer built up no longer fits into the box.

The structure of the GM-LI 1825 is just as simple as the packaging Additional handle must be placed over the telescopic tube and fixed and after the protective cover has been attached and screwed, the knife holder can be attached.

More than a standard Phillips screwdriver is not needed for the construction. All in all, a quick and easy step, if the nuts for fixing the protective cover would be slightly better fixed and thus easier to insert the screws.

But who does not regularly disassemble his trimmer, probably never again before this small hurdle.

A clear user manual

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: product

Clear pictures in the manual

More must have a manual. With In four languages ​​the content is limited and does not turn a small manual into a big book.

The content is clearly arranged and even if the German content covers only seven pages, each paragraph is neatly listed in a table of contents. Clear pictures on the first pages explain aAll items and functions.

in the following text will be all functions and safety instructions additionally explained in detail. However, the arrangement is somewhat incomprehensible. The instructions for the construction, as well as to work with the lawn trimmer, would like to continue.

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: test

Built-in battery lawn trimmer GM-LI 1825

It is also noticeable that the manual obviously does not quite correspond to the state of the art. Obviously there is now one new battery model with built-in battery status indicator, which, however, there is no hint in the manual.

Press a button and interpret four LEDs, but should also be possible without manual.

The first impression is solid

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: battery

Easy and quick height adjustment

If we look at the technical data, it is noticeable that the GM-LI 1825 fits well into the ranks of its competitors. With about 2 kg he belongs to the lighter devices and certainly will not be a burden.

Also, the 18 V lithium ion battery is now standard and the Battery capacity of 1.5 Ah should be sufficient for the required work. Even though other manufacturers now offer batteries with more capacity.

Only the charger with his specified Loading time of up to 5 hours might be a bit bigger become. If one battery charge is enough to perform all the necessary work, the charging time will surely be minor matter.

Finally, the charger has the appropriate electronics and the battery can safely longer or even overnight on the charging station to lie down.

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: test

Battery with integrated status display

Very positive is the integrated battery status indicator, Unlike many tools, this is not in the device itself, but in the battery.

A press on the display button and the Battery informs about its status by means of four LEDs, This does not have to be in the device. A plus point where other tool manufacturers like to take an example.

Practically are also the adjustment options. With a short turn on the height adjustment that can be Adjust the telescopic tube to the body size or reduce the lawn trimmer to stowage size. The height of the additional handle can also be adjusted. Of course, the bracket of the GM-LI 1825 also changes depending on your height.

But here too, Gartenmeister has taken precautions and offers an angle adjustment of the cutting head. This guarantees everyone a comfortable posture at work. For one additional use ensures the rotation of the telescopic tube, Thus, the cutting head is vertical and it can also bring the edges of the lawn in shape.

Not very quiet but powerful

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: battery

Test area of ​​the garden master GM-LI 1825

After we have theoretically checked all functions, it goes with the cordless lawn trimmer by garden master on the lawn. Here we see and hear his work clearly. He is loud and already almost like a small lawnmower, That would not have been thought of the handy device. But we would not have wished him his pulling power. Clean he pulls his cut through the grass and can hardly be impressed by a wet lawn.

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: garden

Low wear of the nylon knife

Something it will be more difficult, the cutting height evenly to keep. With corrections on the edges rather unproblematic, but who wants to trim small lawns, will miss a guide to the uniform working height.

Competitors rarely offer this in the basic version, but often as an accessory. Unfortunately, the cordless trimmer from Gartenmeister offers no device for fixing a wheel guide.

For this he lies well in the hand, masters sovereign the entire test area with a single charge of the battery and has not yet reached its limit. The Battery with 1.5 Ah is therefore not undersized.

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: test

Clean cut in the lawn

As is the case with many other lawn trimmers meanwhile also garden master sets Nylon knife instead of the now apparently obsolete coil.

These knives are rotatably mounted and face outward by the centrifugal force. That has the Advantage that they fold in with obstacles and thereby not easily damaged.

In addition, a metal bracket as a distance indicator protects plants from damage. Yet Of course, the nylon knives are also subject to wear.

In the test case, however, the lawn could easily cut with a knife and the attached 40 spare blades should last for more than a year.

Unlike Bosch, for example, the GM-LI 1825 only uses one knife. Although this reduces the cutting resistance, brings but a slight imbalance with and could cause the loud running noise.

Conclusion to the garden master battery lawn trimmer GM-LI 1825th

Product test - Garden Master Battery Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825: product

Our rating

The Cordless Grass Trimmer GM-LI 1825 is coming quite simple in a simple cardboard box therefore. It is quick to set up and can convince with functionality and a powerful engine.

Safe and without noticeable loss of power he works his way through every turf and is universally applicable due to its many adjustment options, as well as to adapt to any body size.

Like many other new models, the GM-LI 1825 also starts Nylon knife and says goodbye to the coil, Disadvantages can not be identified and sufficient spare blades are enclosed.

Striking is his Battery status indicator that has been integrated into the battery, It allows the battery to be checked at any time without having to insert it into the device. An advantage that even many expensive brand manufacturers do not offer so far.

However, compromises have to be made in terms of volume. Almost like one small lawn mower, he not only shows his performance, but also makes it audible. Nevertheless, he economizes sparingly and the cutting performance was sufficient in the test beyond 30 minutes.

If you can make friends with the volume, you will find a solid lawn trimmer in the garden master GM-LI 1825 with enough power and stamina. Lots Replacement blades guarantee a long supply and many well-kept lawn edges. Four stars for a solid, powerful but not silent tool.

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