Professionally sanding a cabinet

Before a new coat of paint, a wooden cabinet must be sanded down. This is not everyone's favorite work. We will explain what to look for in terms of grain size and what tools can make your job easier so that it can be done as quickly as possible.

The right grain size: from coarse to fine

When sanding a cabinet, first coarser and then finer sandpaper is used. How coarse or fine a sandpaper is is noted on the back of the paper. It is important that in front of the number is a "P", which means that the grain is standardized.
The smaller the number on the paper, the coarser the grain.
Ideal are three sanding steps:

  • Start with a coarse grain size of P 80 to P 120.
  • The second pass should use a grain size of 150 to 180.
  • The final touch is best done by hand. For this you can again use the same grain or a very fine grain. Some do-it-yourselfers swear by the use of P 400 for finishing touches, to get a "baby-like" finish.

Aids in grinding

When sanding large areas, you save a lot of time and energy when using a grinder. However, you do not need to purchase a professional grinder. An abrasive attachment for your cordless drill does it too. You get this online for around 10 euros.
It goes of course all by hand, it just takes a little longer.
In addition to the sanding attachment, a sanding block is also an advantage so that you can handle the paper more easily.

You should pay attention to this when sanding

  • Always go from coarse grain to fine, never the other way around!
  • Always sand in the grain direction.
  • Be sure to sand off even the corners and edges well. The easiest way is, if you disassemble the cabinet.
  • Before painting or painting the cabinet, the wood dust that has formed during the sanding process must be thoroughly removed.

Sand alternatives to the paint

If your cabinet is painted and you want to remove it, it's not just sanding. This is even the more laborious way to remove the paint. It is much easier and above all faster to heat and scrape the paint with a hot air blower. Another alternative is the stripping of the cabinet or a combination of stripping and Heißluftföhn.

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