Professional water damage detection often necessary

In addition to very obvious water damage, there are also a variety of damage patterns that do not immediately indicate the cause and their location. When damp spots appear on walls or ceilings, the cause is often hidden in the masonry. Placed under plaster water pipes and Bauschlitze hide the exact place of origin.

Measuring devices and cameras

Professional water damage detection is carried out with moisture meters. Through drilling sensors can be introduced into the masonry and find the concentration of moisture. By means of spatial proximity to the most heavily soaked regions, the place can be circled and finally localized.

An alternative to moisture meters are hose or Teleskoparmkameras that allow optical control, for example, of pipe ducts. They are also introduced into pipes and leaks can be seen on the pipe walls on a control monitor.

Tips & Tricks

The water damage location is carried out by assessors and plumbers. The costs are covered by the insurance related to water damage.

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