Promotion of KfW: Energetic renovations can be worthwhile


Anyone who builds a new home for themselves and their families today will certainly be thinking about energy efficiency: from choosing the right heating system to the thermal insulation measures, various instruments can be used to keep energy costs and environmental impact low. Particularly interesting in this context is the refurbishment of existing real estate, because at the latest when the old boiler has to be renewed, the question arises for a suitable replacement. The investment costs can be significantly reduced because the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) grants very substantial subsidies. Curiously, these are not always used. Which requirements are particularly interesting?

Cheap loans make energetic renovation interesting

The promotion of KfW does not always have to be a direct subsidy that makes an investment worthwhile. If you increase the energy efficiency of your home, you can receive a KfW loan of up to 50,000 euros.

Promotion of KfW: Energetic renovations can be worthwhile: worthwhile

Cheap loans through KfW funding

The special feature: the annual percentage rate is only 0.75%. Even if the current low-interest-rate period ensures that the return on capital markets is low anyway, a conventional private bank is unlikely to grant such low interest rates. In addition, an investment grant can also be applied for. The "grant 430" promotes the energy renovation of residential buildings, which were applied for before 1.2.2002. The exchange of heating and ventilation systems for particularly energy-efficient systems is promoted. Depending on the measure, the shoulder height amounts to between 10 and 30% of the total costs, whereby the subsidy may add up to a maximum of 30% per dwelling unit.

When investing in renewable energies for power generation, for example, the "credit 270" is available. The interest rate is just 1.1%, the fixed interest rate is up to 20 years. The loan is granted for hydroelectric, wind power and photovoltaic power generation plants.

Many promotional offers are not used

In fact, it is hard to deny that the large number of different subsidies can barely be surveyed - which leads to the effect that it is often dispensed with subsidies.

Promotion of KfW: Energetic renovations can be worthwhile: energetic

Who does not use subsidies, gives away cash.

This effect is particularly serious in a new boiler with condensing technology. Up to € 3,200 in funding is available, with about 90% of all installations dispense with this grant. So before investing, you should contact heating system specialists who will identify possible funding for your investment and thus keep costs low.

BAFA promotes efficient heating technology

In doing so, you should always bear in mind that in addition to subsidies or loan offers from KfW, other state subsidies are also granted. Inform yourself thoroughly.

Promotion of KfW: Energetic renovations can be worthwhile: heating

Efficient heating technology is promoted and saves sustainable.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is subsidizing the purchase of a solar thermal system with a flat rate of 500 euros. For a collector size of more than 10 m², the subsidy amount will increase to 50 euros per square meter. In addition, you should note that the other costs can also be claimed in the wage tax year compensation.

The energy savings can also be significant: if you replace the conventional boiler with a condensing boiler, the heating costs are reduced by about 30% - which could well be a good 500 euros a year in cost savings. It turns out that an investment in environmentally friendly heating technology pays off.

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