Find the right vehicle equipment for craft businesses

Chaotic confusion in a company car acts as a deterrent to customers and makes them suspicious. If, on the other hand, a company's mobile tool and spare parts warehouse arrives in perfect condition with a client, it will inevitably associate a clean and well-functioning company that will carry out its task with care. It is relatively easy to create order and cleanliness in a company vehicle: The right vehicle equipment for craftsmen ensures.

Save time and money with the right vehicle setup

Whether plumber or plumber, heating engineer or television mechanic, roofer or chimney sweep: nothing is more annoying than a compulsory interruption of important work, because the craftsmen have forgotten important tools or necessary spare and small parts. To avoid such annoyance once and for all, every craft business is a well-stocked company vehicle to recommend in the chunky working device on various machines and apparatus to the smallest screw everything neatly and orderly in integrable boxes and cases, in drawers and with secure holders attached shelving systems sorted. The advantage is obvious: Nobody has to search long and sees at a glance which spare parts are missing and must be reordered. A suitable vehicle equipment for craftsmen so paid by much time savings quickly.

Low weight and high load capacity

Find the right vehicle equipment for craft businesses: find

Find the right vehicle equipment for craft businesses: equipment

Lightweight boxes made of high-quality and impact-resistant ABS plastic, for example, are excellently suited for the safe storage of utility tools. If they are ideally equipped with a click system, the boxes can be connected with lightning speed and thus facilitate the transport of tools and small parts to the place of use quite considerably. You can then easily be separated again with just a single touch of a button. This type of work saves a lot of time and money. Another advantage of the sturdy case: they protect against splashing water and are available with different inserts, so that both larger equipment and all small items are always arranged in one place and can be easily found. Even weather-resistant aluminum cases are suitable for this purpose, especially since there are also suitable inserts for these containers. Very important: Although boxes and cases must be light, they should be able to cope with even the toughest demands of everyday work. In any case, they are essential to the vehicle equipment for craftsmen.

From the anti-slip mat to the lashing strap

The perfect vehicle setup for a company car also consists of a permanently integrated shelving system. Thus, the cargo is secured as well as by various accessories such as hooks and anti-slip mats, dividers and safety lashing straps, which are offered exactly matching for the respective device. There are vehicle equipment from Sortimo in the Bavarian Zusmarshausen near Augsburg. As the market leader, the specialist in vehicle equipment offers you everything you need for perfect organization, flawless overview and
especially for the safety of your staff and the cargo need.

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