How to cook eggs: how long should you cook eggs?

Actually everything looks very simple: bring water to a boil, add eggs, take out after a certain time and the eggs are ready. But how long should you cook eggs to make them soft, waxy or hard? Which factors play a role here read here.

Cook eggs properly

First of all, you have to do everything right. This includes:

  • the water must boil bubbly
  • the eggs should room temperature have (not fridge cold, otherwise they will burst easily)
  • the eggs should be pecked carefully at the thick end
  • the eggs should slowly and carefully put into the water and do not fall to the bottom of the pot (best put on a large spoon)
  • after the cooking time, the eggs should be quenched

If one moves so, one can for one medium-sized Expect the following times:

soft3 - 5 minutes
wishy-washy5 - 8 minutes
hard 9 minutes

In addition, however, one must also take into account a few factors:

  • the temperature of the ice
  • the water temperature (if it does not boil it takes a little longer)
  • the weight class of the ice
  • the shell thickness at the egg


The weight class not only plays a role in the trade, but also when cooking eggs. In order to estimate the cooking time, you can always use the weight class:

Weight class designation
Weight in g

very large
73 g

63 g to 72 g

53 g to 62 g

<53 g [/ table] The usual and quite common standard size is the size "M". Eggs in size "L" and "XL" take a little longer to reach the desired degree of firmness, eggs in size "S" are a little less long.

shell thickness

The thickness of the eggshell is determined by how much calcium is available to the chicken in the diet, and how well it can utilize the calcium present in the egg production.

In most cases (but not always) eggs from the organic farmer have a much thicker shell. Therefore, they do not jump so easily during cooking.

Tips & Tricks

If you use an egg cooker, the time is often a little longer (depending on the amount of eggs that cook in it). The result is much more predictable, because everything can be set exactly.

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