Insulate properly - why it is so important in the semi-detached house

The topic of insulation plays an important role in every house today. But with the duplex, the insulation is particularly important - this article tells you the importance of insulation in the duplex and why it is advisable to invest in a good insulation.

Protection against disturbing noises

The decisive feature of a semi-detached house is the mostly centered partition, which separates the two sides of the house. Since you as a resident of a semi-detached house so have direct neighborhood, a good insulation of this wall is essential. Because not only disturbing footsteps, but often also the use of the same channel connections cause noises to be transmitted day and night.

But beware: It does not matter if you just insulate the partition well; The rest of the building must also be provided with sufficient insulation to make the insulation of the semi-detached house effective.

Insulate properly - why it is so important in the semi-detached house: semi-detached

Always important: thermal insulation

Due to the high energy prices, the topic of insulation plays an increasingly important role. While well-insulated semi-detached houses are efficient and economical, poorly insulated buildings are an extremely uneconomic form of living. The more energy that can escape, the higher the heating costs.

Therefore, it is advisable to work only with another builder who shares these views. Because there are still many people who do not consider modern insulation as necessary and save at this point. It is ideal if both parties provide a good insulation, as they accept slightly higher investment. Because the follow-up costs that arise with poor insulation, compensate for the impact of a good insulation already in a few years.

You see: Not only the insulation of the partition, but also that of the rest of the semi-detached house decides strongly about the living comfort and the economy. You also benefit from a more stable, long-lasting structure.

Insulation and heating

Good insulation will only be effective in the duplex if the heating is just as efficient. Because even the best insulation will not help if the heater is wasting. Invest in a good combination of heating and insulation in order to benefit in the long term from a modern and efficient house.

The following list shows you the reasons why good insulation is so important at the duplex:

  • Soundproofing in front of the immediate neighborhood.
  • Thermal insulation, which significantly increases the living comfort and the efficiency of the house.
  • The investments pay off after a short time.
  • Badly isolated houses are no longer up-to-date due to their inefficiency.

Tips & Tricks

You have already built a semi-detached house and would like to improve your insulation? Then you should compare the prices of the various providers to get an overview of how much this project costs and what are the differences. If you do not compare, you may end up at a much too expensive provider.

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