Properties of the stairs at the house entrance

The stairs at the entrance must be designed to provide safe and comfortable access for a wide variety of users. Unlike staircases elsewhere, children, pets, old frail people or those with reduced mobility should be expected to be users.

Solid stone or concrete

Most of the steps are located in front of a house entrance in a detached house or in a terraced house partially or completely outside. An outside staircase to the house entrance is often an uncovered staircase.

The stairs are exposed to wind, weather and precipitation and must therefore be made of very durable and durable material. Stone or concrete is most often used as a stairway material for the entrance stairway. The staircase construction is normally designed as a solid staircase.

Plan life situations

Since the steps at the entrance usually form the only access to the building, planning must be anticipatory. If, for example, it is possible for the family to grow up, including potential tenants or follow-up owners, the stroller should be considered.

Since the steps of a staircase lead to a pedestal, should be considered in the construction of the pedestal on a sufficient storage space. In the early planning phase is also the consideration of whether a ramp instead of stairs is the better choice.

The stroller is easy to transport via a ramp. Combined designs are another alternative, with plenty of room to achieve adequate ramp inclination, of course.

planning factors

The following points should be considered as further planning factors for the porch:

  • How high is the staircase base?
  • Which material should be used: stone, natural stone or concrete?
  • If a concrete staircase with pedestal cast or assembled from prefabricated components.
  • Should the stairs be open or closed?
  • How is the skid resistance ensured?
  • How is the easy cleaning of the stairs possible?

Tips & Tricks

If you want to clean stairs less often, you are usually at an advantage with open stairs. Rainwater and dirt are more likely to wash off on their own and the wind blows away coarser dirt.

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