Protection against burglary: stainless steel basement window grilles

Stainless steel cellar grilles are not only one of the best ways to secure basement windows, but also one of the most appealing. Read more about this shapely and functional window protection here.

Security against burglary

Basement windows, when unsecured, are a popular burglar target. In most cases, they are easy to open and very often allow unhindered and secure access to the whole house.

Among the possibilities to make cellar windows burglar-proof, stainless steel window grilles are not only the simplest and most cost-effective, but also the most attractive solution. And they represent a barely to crack barrier for burglars.

Protection against burglary: stainless steel basement window grilles: stainless

However, it is important to pay attention to the quality - also on the quality of the attachment. Here lies the main weak point, especially of inferior products. High-quality products usually have non-detachable fittings, grub screws and other advanced mounting options.

When it comes to optics, a lot can be done here too - for example through grids in spider form or in other eye-catching designs. The prices vary here with the steel quality and partly with the degree of artistic design.

That way you can save costs

If you care less about the optics than the safety, you will usually get away with it. Shapely, but simple stainless steel mesh are often already relatively cheap to have, in some cases, already under 100 euros in the smaller sizes.

In the more luxurious versions, you can then still special offers or volume discounts use to buy your window bars cheaper. In spite of all price considerations, always pay attention to the quality, above all to the quality of the attachment.

Tips & Tricks

In terms of security, the measure of things is the 28-second rule: in criminalistics, it is believed that a burglary intent is dropped whenever the burglar takes more than 28 seconds to gain access. Even simple protection options can thus be very effective here.

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