Burglary protection at Christmas - protective measures and safety technology

Nice gift: Christmas time is burglary time

Burglary protection at Christmas - protective measures and safety technology: measures

Every year at Christmas more burglaries take place in houses or apartments. Because offenders use the Darkness and the Absence of the inhabitantsto enter the rooms. Although the insurance will replace material damage when all the windows have been closed and the front door has been locked, the victims will suffer for a long time from the psychological consequences of this violent invasion of privacy Has. In order to spend a peaceful Christmas or wait for you at the end of your Christmas holiday, an effective anti-burglar protection at Christmas is important.

But even then, in January and February, the burglary rate remains high. Nevertheless, many burglaries are committed during the day. Here's how to use the Improve burglar protection at Christmas and on vacation and give potential perpetrators no opportunity to get involved.

Even simple rules of behavior can reduce the risk of burglary. Thus, even in a short absence, the exterior doors, such as house or garden door should be completed and all windows are closed. It is not enough to just pull the door into the lock, as it is not an obstacle for perpetrators in the unlocked state. It is also helpful to install a timer when you are away for a longer period of time to illuminate the living rooms at certain times.

For an effective burglary protection at Christmas and on all other days in the year provides a professionally installed safety technology. Burglar-resistant doors, locks with high quality lock cylinders as well additional locks or Armored bolt locks keep burglars outside. To secure the windows, the Criminal Investigation Department recommends installing burglar-resistant windows and attaching security fittings that prevent them from being leveraged. Detailed information on the protective measures can be found on the pages Burglary Protection for Doors and Burglary Protection for Windows. In addition, you should take out a household insurance that covers the damage caused by burglary and theft.

Standards for the family house

Burglary protection at Christmas - protective measures and safety technology: protective

The garden or the patio door is the biggest weakness of a house dar. For this reason, it should be particularly secured. In addition, burglars gain access through the windows, basement windows, unsecured light shafts or through the front door access to the living spaces. The following graphic of the website nicht-bei-mir.de shows where you should protect your house:

Burglary protection on vacation

Burglary protection at Christmas - protective measures and safety technology: burglary

Whether at Christmas, on carnival, the Easter holidays or during school holidays: those who go on vacation have to leave their house or apartment unattended. Despite the joy of the holiday you should do this preferably only personally, by phone or email friends and family tell instead of publicly on the Internet:

  • No information about the upcoming holiday on social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs and co.
  • No detailed contact details, such as address or phone number in the network reveal, as burglars specifically search for and perform under false pretenses trial calls to test whether no one is in the house.

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