Protective glass roof for the terrace - a look at the price

Would you like to provide your terrace with a glass roof? Such a roof makes the outside seat even better usable, because it protects against wind and moisture. Also a shield against too much sunlight is possible. What price do you have to expect?

Price factors for the terrace glass roof

The price of your small construction project depends mainly on the size of the roof area. In addition, there are the costs for the substructure including wall connection and foundations.

Also for the delivery usually a fee is due. If you do not want to build the glass roof yourself, then you must also include the assembly costs in your price estimate.

Even the extras of your new terrace glass roof have their price: Do you want a lotus seal, so that water and dirt roll off? Is a page protection scheduled?

Dyeing and structuring of the glass create an atmospheric light and provide a little shade - a heating foil warms on cooler days: Plan for such amenities money.

If you are lucky, the manufacturer of the glass roof will provide the documents for the building permit free of charge. But at least at the building office you will have to pay for the processing fees.

Specific price example: Glass roof for terrace

A family orders a glass roof for the terrace. The roof is to cover an area of ​​250 x 300 cm and consists of colored laminated safety glass. The substructure is made of wood.

Cost overviewprice
1. Substructure made of wood750 EUR
2. Dyed glass roof900 EUR
3. 2 x side protection300 EUR
4. Finished foundations130 EUR
5. Delivery250 EUR
6. Assembly1,350 EUR
total3,680 EUR

Mount glass roof for terrace yourself: lower price!

If you want to save on the relatively high installation costs, simply build your glass roof yourself. For this you need at least two handy people. The assembly instructions are usually enclosed with the kit.

Tips & Tricks

To avoid expensive penalties, you should apply for a building permit before setting up your patio enclosure.

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