Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?

Cut trees, cut shrubs and cut back

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: test

Loppers give the gardener special powers: mechanics and Lever principle leaves thick branches under the cutting edges Slightly give in to a good pruning shears.

Pruning shears bring Newton's leverage laws to practical use: the long legs of the scissors provide in conjunction with two cutting edges and a sophisticated mechanism for powerful pressure on hard wood.

We have tested six different pruning shears for you and especially the Attention to operating forces and the durability of the blades, A pruning shears are used every year - ideally for a long time. In addition, the erggnia must be correct, so that you can work long without fatigue.

We compared.

The quality of the cutting is crucial

At the pruning shears in ours Test is especially the quality of the cutting Crucial: how fast do they exploit, can they be replaced, according to which principle does the scissors work?

In addition, some work Scissors with a gear, which adds strength strengthened. Here, the construction, the ease of movement and the durability of the transmission is crucial. We have also tested an electric cordless loppers, as an alternative to their mechanical counterparts it runs in the test.

Lopper Test: Cutting-edge candidates at a glance

itemsprincipleMax. branch diameterprice
Gardena 760Aanvil42 mm80 €
Felco pruning shears No. 2bypass35 mm83 €
Fiskars Powergear IIbypass38 mm37 €
Wolf Garden Comfort RS-830anvil46 mm54 €
Friend telescopic prunerbypass45 mm34 €
Black & Decker GKC 1000Electric Alligator principle100 mm119 €

Lopper Gardena 760A: Transmission power in the branches

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: shears

Gardena has presented the 760 A, a round product "made in Germany", which brings a more than solid performance.

The pair of scissors is thanks to a good, but simple and stable gear ratio extremely smooth and excellent In addition, thanks to the use of high quality but lightweight materials, it is not too heavy.

The maximum branch diameter is not too big with 42 mm, the Quality of the cut is excellent and smooth, The anvil principle, like suspected of rough "bruising", works perfectly and ensures a low force.

The blades are hard, non-stick coated and durable. Special sweet: Gardena is guaranteed for 25 years on his product - legitimate self-confidence.

Conclusion: Smooth, stable, guaranteed for a generation - buy recommendation!

Gardena 760 A: pro and contra


  • smooth
  • very good cutting performance
  • very easy to use
  • power assisting transmission
  • quite cheap
  • 25-year warranty


  • only 42 mm max. branch diameter

Pruning shears Felco No. 210: Swiss scissors luxury?

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: pruning

Valuable, valuable: At a price that is about twice as as high as the mechanical competitors is located, one receives from Switzerland a cutting device of the luxury class with small blemishes.

So the plastic handles are unfortunately a bit cheap and do not smell good either - here you can assume pollutants. The Quality of the cutting is however bombastic; Thanks to Swiss precision steel.

The cut of the scissors is bypass-typical very good, the scissors are light and handy. Because it There is no transmission, but it needs a bit more power to be spent on the competition.

Overall, the main obstacle to a clear recommendation is the high price in the room: High quality plastic handles and a lighter gear should be in the Felco No. 2 already in it. The cutting width is clearly too low at 35 mm.

Conclusion: Expensive scissors from Switzerland with a slight gap between claim and reality

Click here for details of this product on Amazon. Felco No. 210: pro and contra


  • very good cut
  • high quality cutting
  • lightweight and compact


  • cheap, polluted handles
  • no gear
  • small cutting width
  • quite expensive

Lopper Fiskars Powergear 2: Compact caps

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: test

The Fiskars Powergear II is obviously a high-tech device: Compact, matt black and very light, it glides smoothly and with excellent cross-section through the wood.

Although the scissors are among the shortest in the comparison test, the cutting action does not disappoint: The Powergear II transmission delivers what it promises.

Price does not disappoint the scissors: It is the second cheapest in the test and thereby a brand device "made in Sweden". The handling is also excellent, the Scissors are easy to clean and fatigued even with long cuts due to their low weight, the arms not too fast.

Conclusion: Compact and class. Clear purchase recommendation!

Fiskars Powergear II Fiskars Powergear II: pro and contra


  • well processed
  • extremely compact
  • very smooth
  • Cheap
  • very good cutting
  • very easy
  • Cheap


  • -

Lopper Wolf Garden Comfort RS-830:

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: pruning

Long handles for little effort, yet heavy weight: The Wolf Garden Comfort RS-830 does not convince all the way, but is still a good average device.

The cutting width is above average, with 45 mm diameter you can even cut off young trees. The scissors are beyond that well finished and has 10 years warranty.

The Double lever ratio can not replace a full speed reduction gearbox, but is a good and durable compromise, which can also be easily exchanged.

Overall, the pair of scissors is therefore highly recommended, only it is not quite cheap and does not necessarily do more than their, often cheaper, competition.

Conclusion: Good device - but no high-flyer.

Wolf-Garten Comfort RS-750: pro and contra


  • stable
  • well processed
  • long handles
  • 10 years warranty


  • no real gear
  • not very cheap

Telescopic pruner friend 10-30 TA: Cheap and extendable

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: shears

A telescopic pruner can extend their thighs to put more pressure on the branch or around to cut at a higher altitude, For this purpose, of course, a good material quality of the legs is required; nothing should bend.

The Freund-Schere 10-30 TA fulfills her task very decently: here nothing bends, the branches are cut clean.

Otherwise like on this pair of scissors nor the low weight and the cheap price. The cutting edges could be a bit higher quality, even the lack of a transmission makes itself in the operating forces noticeable. However, if you only cut occasionally and little, you will not miss anything with this pair of scissors.

Conclusion: For casual cuts ok, nothing for fruit growers.

Click here for details of this product on Friend 10-30 TA: pro and contra


  • Telescope-abstract
  • stable
  • Cheap


  • comparatively increased effort
  • Cutting could be a bit better
  • no gear

Electric pruning shears Black & Decker GKC1000: Battery Alligator

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: very

Has bite: With the Black & Decker GKC 1000 can branches (and trees) with a Diameter of up to 100 mm severed become.

The device looks like a science-fiction film and sets on the woodland quite Terminator qualities to the day: The GKC-1000 "bites" quickly through thick branchese.

Unfortunately, he quickly gets tired: the battery charging power is not very convincing; through the use of Ni-Cd batteries is the Charging time with about five hours also quite long. Reserve batteries cost 80 € - each.

Overall, the device is more like a strange hermaphrodite than than real alternative to a good pruning shears in combination with a hand or power saw consider. The application possibilities are quite limited, the working time unfortunately too.

But who does not cut much or is physically impaired, can work very well with this cordless pruner in the garden. Handling, quality and feel are excellent, also the weight is okay.

Conclusion: Expensive, hungry "garden animal" with great cutting result

Click here for details of this product on Black & Decker GKC1000: pro and contra


  • powerfully
  • no effort
  • not too hard
  • Cutting width up to 100 mm


  • short battery life
  • long loading time
  • expensive spare batteries

Pruner Comparison winner and prize-winner

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: shears

Compact, powerful and lightweight, the Fiskars Powergear II convinced us right down the line; Performance, features and price leave nothing to be desired.

The gear of the shear reduces the force required, the compact design makes that Device very handy and the finish and the quality impression are more than convincing.

That it also all these qualities to one comparatively cheap price gives, justifies the double victory.

Pruning shears Test: Pruning without effort?: very

Also very good is the Gardena 760 A: It is the best anvil shear in the test and impresses with its low operating forces, the also excellent power assistance and above all, the 25-year warranty.

Not bad for the casual tailor on a budget is the friend Aluminum Telescopic scissors 10-30 TA.

It does its job reliably and if you do not have to cut back a fruit plantation too reasonably good operating forces and a satisfactory build quality.

Fiskars Powergear II

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