Paint PU foam

PU foam can be used for various jobs. Therefore, it may also happen that it is necessary or desirable that the construction foam is painted. How you can paint PU foam and what else should be noted, we have put together in this guide for you.

What mounting foam actually consists of and applications

PU foam is made on the basis of polyurethane. Not only does the mounting foam bring many valued features to it, but the foam can also be used in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of possible uses of construction foam:

  • around the house for insulation, mounting, gluing, fixing, etc.
  • in the expansion of caravans and camping-mobiles
  • for different hobbies such as model making

You can also varnish PU foam

Alone around the house quickly shows the extended versatility. So you can stick PU foam, foam can also be plastered or even painted.

Differences in different construction areas

When painting it depends on which type of PU foam you want to paint. The PU foam can be made to go from high flexibility to stable and hard. Accordingly, you must also adapt the lacquers used to it.

Use of suitable paints and depending on the load

First, it is important to avoid such paints that contain solvents that would add to the polyurethane. In addition, it is also important how the PU foam and painted object is to be used.

If there is no mechanical stress, you can also use acrylic paints. With relatively high mechanical loads, you can also select corresponding coatings based on polyurethane. Then the surface can become quite stable.

Paint cut PU foam

A special feature is also cut PU foam. Because the foam is now open-pored and depending on the foam is relatively rough. So it may be that you have to fill and smooth the foam first.

Accordingly, you also use filler for it. But if at the same time a durable surface is created, you can also paint the polyurethane foam with epoxy resin. This closes the pores.

Make especially smooth PU foam surfaces and paint

If the object of construction foam is to be particularly smooth after being epoxied, you can also fill in it. The spatula is applied in several steps (up to fine putty) and ground finer and finer. Then you can simply paint the finished surface.

Tips & Tricks

But PU foam can also solve other problems. Under certain conditions (composition of the construction foam) it is even possible to use the PU foam against mice and other rodents.

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