Use a pulley on the balcony safely

The use of a pulley on a balcony is often the best and sometimes the only solution to get bulky furniture into living rooms. Apart from the calculated and safe carrying capacity, additional aspects must be taken into consideration during use so that the pulley can be used accident-free.

Preliminary considerations and preparation

If furniture is heaved into the living room via a balcony, the pulley block must be fastened to the underside of the balcony above or to a balcony roof. In addition to the permission of the affected neighbors and the building owner, the load-bearing capacity of the attachment point must be checked.

In most cases, a hook is sufficient, in which the pulley is hung only when in use. Therefore, the permission usually refers only to a hole or a fastening loop on the railing. Another important factor is the distance to the parapet and wall. Many loads are clunky and have a depth that needs to be kept at a distance. Two possible solutions are conceivable:

  • A cantilever arm, possibly swiveling, is mounted as a gallows attachment
  • The load is kept at a distance during transport by a guide rope

When using a guide rope, large portions of the power savings are lost. A boom can be fixed, swiveled or designed as a temporary plug-in variant.

Factors to consider when using

When a pulley is operated, some accompanying measures must be taken:

  • Function and position of the rope backstop must be checked
  • The free running of the rollers must be ensured by lubrication
  • The space under the load suspension and movement must be secured or locked
  • Thermal effects such as gusts of wind or updrafts must be assessed and if necessary the use of the pulley should be postponed
  • Buoyancy generating surfaces and shapes on the load must be taken into account as a force
  • If necessary, neighbors must be informed and asked not to open the windows on the load path during use
  • Distance support and transport assistance can also be supported by open windows and other balconies lying on the way

Tips & Tricks

Take care when mounting and building the pulley for maximum load capacity. During practical use, the draft angles may change. As a result, also act on the attachment and the pulley acting forces.

Video Board: Homemade mini balcony crane / Mini dźwig balkonowy