Pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkins with scary factor

Halloween pumpkins

Halloween is also enjoying increasing popularity here in Germany. On October 31, pumpkins are carved and placed as decorations on front doors or in gardens. But which varieties are particularly suitable for processing? Here are some tips on how to carve your own pumpkin for Halloween.

In principle, every type of pumpkin is suitable for carving a spooky Halloween pumpkin. When designing the imagination are no limits. However, it is advantageous if the pumpkin is relatively evenly shaped and slightly flattened at the bottom so that it does not tip over later. The "Yellow Zentner" and the Hokkaido pumpkin are very suitable as a pumpkin for Halloween. The advantage over ornamental pumpkins: The pulp is relatively soft and "waste" you can use culinary after work.

Carving pumpkin in 5 steps

1. Search for a motif: First, think about a gruesome motif, or look for a template on the Internet. With a sharp knife you then cut around the stem around a circular or star-shaped opening. When cutting please work clean, because the cut-out will be needed later as a lid.

2. Hollow out: In the second step you completely hollow out the pumpkin with a knife and a big spoon. The wall thickness should not exceed 3 cm, so that the candlelight shines through easily. But do not cut too thin, otherwise the pumpkin will dry out very quickly and collapse.

3. The scary face: In the third step you can carefully carve a face into the hollowed out fruit. This is especially good with a special set for pumpkin carving.

4. Conservation: To ensure that you enjoy your pumpkin for as long as possible, you should store it in a cool, dry place and protect it against mold with vinegar and citric acid. Also helpful should be spraying with hair lacquer or painting with clear lacquer.

5. The candle: At the very end, a burning tealight or a small pillar candle is placed in the pumpkin and the lid piece is replaced so that it does not rain down.

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