Purlin roof construction - robust and stable

A roof construction with purlins is very robust and stable. Even larger wind loads can be easily caught and discharged with a purlin roof construction. Especially with pitched roofs a construction of the roof truss with purlins and rafters is often chosen.

Construction with three purlins

In a roof with a purlin roof construction, three different purlins are usually installed in the roof truss. Two furry purlins and two middle purlins support the rafters with a ridge purlin. These five long beams are naturally a big cost factor in the purlin roof construction.

Stability high three

The foot purlin is placed directly on the outer wall. Later, it also makes it easier to install a roof box under the roof overhang. At the same time, a rain gutter can be more easily installed if a foot purlin is installed in the rafter roof.

Medium purse provides strength

As with the foot purse, two middle purlins are needed. She catches the rafters at about half height and needs a support. This support can be a bit in the way later during the interior design, but it also increases the stability.

First Purse wants to go high

Also on its own columns and on the gable walls is the ridge purlin, which runs directly under the rafter ends. If a ridge purlin is installed, the rafters do not necessarily have to be attached in pairs.

This also allows other roof shapes than the pitched roof. Especially with the pent roof, stability can only be achieved through the three types of purlins.

Tips & Tricks

The higher the roof of your new house is, the more value you should place on supporting the roof structure with purlins. Especially in windy areas, these beams offer a lot of stability.

So whether a steep pitched roof or a pitched roof in an exposed position, the extra costs for the purlins you should rather accept as a builder.

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