Putty for the car: what is suitable?

Deep dents on the beloved vehicle, rust marks or other damage must often be filled out. There are special fillers for the car. What properties these fillers have, where to get them and what they cost, you can read here.

Spackling compound is used to remove the rough bumps

To fill large bumps in a vehicle, it needs a suitable filler. Deep dents or rust scars must first be filled in before they can be sanded and finally compensated.

There are special fillers. It is important that putty is not allowed to come into direct contact with "1K" surfaces, such as a primer - before applying the putty, a "2K" filler must be applied, as well as after puttying.

When filling directly on metal there are divided opinions - under certain circumstances there is an increased risk of rusting, which is why many painters do not recommend this. It is also important to use silicone remover before filling.

The prices of low-priced products here are around 5 - 10 EUR per 250 g, branded products can also be significantly more expensive. Prices in this area also depend heavily on the brand.

What to pay attention to when filling

  • do not mix directly on bare metal
  • grind, remove dust, remove silicone
  • Spatula remains coarse-pored even after sanding
  • After sanding, a filler must be applied

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • lackierbedarf24.com The specialist for painting supplies has, among other things, also different fillers for the car in its assortment.
  • amazon.de Also on Amazon are plenty of accessories for car repair work - but you should know as much as possible exactly what you need
  • autolackierbedarf.de The online retailer offers everything related to car painting and for body work on the vehicle.

That way you can save costs

If you know exactly what you need, you can compare the prices of different products and often save a lot. But you should not refrain from important work steps or materials just for cost reasons. Ordinary work always pays off.

Tips & Tricks

Work on your body only if you have enough expertise and experience. Otherwise, you can quickly have a serious rust problem.

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