Putty for the wall: what's here

Putty is not the same putty: even for walls there are very different products with different properties. What's here and read more here.

Repair spatula or surface spatula

Holes in the walls or smaller cracks are usually filled with a repair filler, often gypsum based. To level or plan a wall, however, a surface filler is needed.

In addition, there are universal putties, which are suitable for many, but not always for all purposes. Here you should always be a little careful.

Most common for minor repairs are plaster-based putties. They are proven and also the cheapest. Usually they are offered as a dry spatula and must be mixed with water to a workable mass.

For flexible fillings are more suitable ready-made filler, which are often made of synthetic resin-based. They remain flexible after curing.

Different fillers

  • Gypsum filler as a repair filler
  • Resin filler
  • Skim
  • Universal scraper for multiple purposes and minor repairs

Prices for fillers in the wall area

The cheapest are usually repair and universal putty. Thickness plaster from brand manufacturers costs about 10 EUR per 5 kg container as a dry spatula, and finished scrapers are usually much more expensive. Simple universal putties, which are not equally suitable for all repairs, are often even cheaper - depending on the brand.

Sources of supply on the Internet

  • knauf.de From the well-established manufacturer come in the professional field very valued products that have been proven for decades.
  • amazon.de The large selection in the Amazon hardware store and the sometimes interesting prices make it worthwhile to take a look here as well.
  • bausep.de The online building materials retailer offers a wide range of fillers and universal fillers for all purposes.

That way you can save costs

For small, unproblematic repair work, you can easily use a simple universal putty. For larger surfaces, for balancing walls or for flexible fillings, however, you should always use a suitable filler.

Often it is worth having repairs done by a professional - balancing walls, for example, requires a lot of practice and a steady hand to get a perfect result.

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