Build quadrocopters and other multicopters

Build quadrocopters and other multicopters

Building instructions for drones such as quadcopter, multicopter or minicopter

Build quadrocopters and other multicopters: drones

Flying drones are controlled similar to model airplanes with remote control, but theoretically can also act independently. Fascinatingly simple yet stable: drones with multiple rotors are also called multicopters. Four rotors are called quadrocopters. In addition to the fascination of remote-controlled flying of an unmanned drone, quadrocopters are used primarily for aerial photographs of locations or events.

In Germany, drones fall under the Model Aircraft Law and may not be used outside the operator's sight.

We have compiled the most interesting instructions and building specifications on this topic.

Contents: Quadrocopter and Multicopter build

  • What are drones and multicopters?
  • Types of Multicopter
  • Construction instructions for quadrocopters
  • Building instructions for multicopters and other drones

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What are drones and multicopters?

The word drone comes from the "roar" and means in the case of unmanned flying objects that nothing is to be perceived as a hum.

Multicopters are variations of helicopters and fly with multiple rotors. Up and down, as well as flight direction movements are controlled only by different speeds of the rotors and there are no further mechanical steering devices and stabilizers necessary. As a result, they can be controlled very precisely and also build relatively easily.

This design is not new. As early as 1920 Étienne Oehmichen dealt with it and needed a quadrocopter to fly. The advancement failed due to an exact control of the rotors. Today, a cheap single-board computer often takes over this activity. Thus, replicas are also possible in the private sector and without special knowledge.

Multicopter is just the generic term for flying objects with multiple (multi) rotors. An exact name results from the exact number and the arrangement.

Types of Multicopter


Bicycles have two rotors and are therefore one of the hard to control copters.


With three engines, the tricopter is already easier to control, but still requires a mechanical control unit.

Y4 Tricopter

Similar to the tricopter, the Y4 Tricopter has two engines at the front, but also has another engine under the rear, which makes mechanical control superfluous.

Y6 Tricopter

The Y6 in the name states that he has six engines in the array a Y. Since there are two on top of each other, he is still one of the tricopters.


Qusdrocopters have four engines, which can be arranged as X or H. This results in the specification of the H4 copter.

H6 copter

Also like one or two H, the engines are arranged on a H6 copter.


The Hexacopter has again the typical star arrangement and six engines, which provide balanced flight characteristics.


Octo stands for the 8 and thus the octocopter has eight engines in a star-shaped arrangement.

X8 copter

Also with eight engines is the X8 Copter equipped. The X indicates, however, that he only four boom and thus each has two motors per boom.

Construction instructions for quadrocopters

Build A Quadcopter From Scratch

Basic knowledge about building a quadrocopter and simple instructions.

Construction of a tricopters

One of the most comprehensive sites for building a Y-Tricopter.

Quadrocopter entry

Introduction to the construction of an entry-level copter with 8 "propellers.

Quadrocopter drone with Arduino pilot

Construction diary and specification for a quadcopter drone with Arduino control. Extensive discussion and video.
at diy-community Forum

Quadrocopter WiiCopter - detailed construction manual

In the community the construction of the quadrocopter is presented in great detail.
at FPV-Community

Quadrocopter from kit

Construction manual for a kit ordered online.

Quadrocopter with Wii sensors

Very cheap quadrocopter, which can be individually designed.

How To Build A Quadcopter

Illustrated description of the self-construction of a simple quadrocopter drone. Material list and step-by-step instructions in detailed individual chapters.

Easy DIY Quadcopter Build

Construction manual for a quadcopter in the self-made of 2012.
at OddCopter

Basic QuadCopter

Instructions for building a simple quad copter with material list, pictures and videos.
at Openpilot Wiki

Sturdy quadcopter build

Illustrated guide to building a simple but stable quadcopter.
at Instructables

DIY Quadcopter From Scratch

Instructions for a simple quadcopter made of wood residues and cheap components. Illustrated manual.
at Instructables

X525 KK quadrocopter manual

In individual blog messages you can follow the Quadrocopterbau and imitate.
at Losmuchachos

For 50 € build a quadrocopter

It will certainly need something more, but an interesting idea. Video under the post.

Millennium Falcon drone

Construction manual for a quadcopter in the form of the Star Wars spaceship "Furious Hawk". Construction drawings and illustrated instructions.
at RC Groups

My First Quadrotor

Illustrated construction report of the construction of a simple quadcopter.
at YAMEB (Yet Another Mechanical Engineering Blog)

Video tutorial for DJI F450

Very detailed video documentation on the structure of the DJI F450.
at //

Building instructions for multicopters and other drones

Build hexacopter with 3D pen

Project description of the construction of a hexacopter with the 3Doodler pressure pin.
in 3D-Print

Build a Micro Hexacopter

Illustrated manual for building a mini hexakopter.

Detailed construction manual of a hexacopter

Many pictures and a list of the required parts facilitate the reproduction.

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Video Board: FPV Quadcopter Build Tutorial