Buy quality at the garage door: what do you have to pay attention to?

What must, what should, what can a garage door afford?

They are commonplace and apparently do not really differ from each other, but those who want to buy a garage door can quickly find themselves in front of an immense selection. Many garage doors are getting old and have to be replaced - partly for safety reasons. "In old swing gates, the springs are often tired and sometimes are about to break. The threat threatens that the gate shoots down unchecked, "warns Jörg Meyer-Holtkamp, ​​Tor expert at Teckentrup (Verl).

New goals should be easy and safe to use, look good and require little space. With a new door for the old garage also increases the comfort, because remote-controlled electric drives are standard today. So: Quietly buy a new garage door, because optics, comfort and safety should be the top priority for the home.

Buying garage doors: important points

Buy quality at the garage door: what do you have to pay attention to?: door

Garage door selection criteria (Source: Teckentrup)

1. Minimize the risk of injury

The safety aspect is a good reason to think about buying a new garage door. Multiple spring and multiple rope systems prevent unchecked crashes. A finger trap inside and outside provides extra security. If an electrically operated gate hits an obstacle, it must stop immediately - a scratch in the car paint is to be taken, in the worst case however a person can be hurt. In the event of a power failure, it is possible to open the door manually via an optional emergency release - especially important if there is no second outlet.

2. Long life

Moving parts such as springs, ropes, hinges and rollers are generally low maintenance. Galvanized components and coated door leaf surface provide protection against corrosion and environmental influences.

3. Fast assembly

The installation of a garage door should last at most one day - even when replacing new to old. Put the assembly in the hands of specialized craftsmen. Then the warranty is not compromised - good manufacturers offer at least five years. The specialist also takes care of the environmentally sound disposal of the old gate.

4. Comfort protects against burglary

If you order a garage door, then it may also be comfortable. An electric remote control is not only pleasant, e.g. in rainy weather. It also offers protection against burglary as the drive resists leveraging. An outdoor light on the way to the front door or the lighting in the garage can be switched simultaneously. Off-grid solutions (for example via Accu or Solar) allow the use of electric drives even where there is no power (for example garages).

5. Oscillating, sectional or overhead sectional door?

Single-walled overhead doors are the classics - but they need space in front of and in the garage. If there is a lack of space, then you should rather buy a garage door, which fits into the existing space undisturbed. Sectional doors consist of several insulated panels and run vertically upwards. So the car can stand directly in front of the garage and the gate can still be moved. The lamellar structures of the ceiling sectional doors are even finerliederiger and thus save even more space on the lintel.

6. Individual design

Color, the design, any glazing - best suited to the house or the environment: the wishes of neo-classical to rustic look today are virtually unlimited and are not much more expensive. Side doors with identical design create a harmonious picture. So think of the design, before you order a garage door. Meyer-Holtkamp also mentions a tip for hobbyists: "If you are more often in the garage, you should choose a thermally insulated sectional door."

The three main types of garage doors

Buy quality at the garage door: what do you have to pay attention to?: quality

over door

Buy quality at the garage door: what do you have to pay attention to?: door


Buy quality at the garage door: what do you have to pay attention to?: door


(Pictures: Teckentrupp)

At you will learn more about installing a sectional door.

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