Quality windows versus cheap windows - the disadvantages of cheap windows

Of course, everyone watching the window shopping on the price. Many very cheap offers on the Internet are compared to the offers of quality windows. What is advisable and what you should pay attention to, read in this post.

Quality and price

The window quality can not always be fixed to the price. However, one can very well differentiate between windows of renowned brand manufacturers and windows of smaller no-name providers.

To the latter one can count also the numerous window manufacturers from Poland. However, there are other problems when buying across borders.

Difficult quality assessment

Windows, especially modern insulated glass windows are extremely complex. For this reason, a lot of know-how and a lot of experience is needed in the production. In addition, care must be taken to ensure a high quality of windows.

This quality causes the slightly higher prices of proven brand manufacturers. Neglecting low-cost services in some areas has a negative impact on window life.

quality parts

For windows, the quality of the fittings is decisive in any case. Not all window manufacturers manufacture the fittings themselves. In many cases they are purchased. The quality of the supplier can not be judged as a buyer.

In the case of inferior fittings, the window after a few years is prone to repair, the parts must then be replaced often expensive. While parts manufacturers can easily supply parts for certain windows even after decades, many low-cost suppliers often find it difficult, sometimes even impossible, to purchase spare parts.


While brand manufacturers are always very convinced of their product, and in many cases act generously in the case of exceptions that occur in exceptional cases, this is usually not the case with low-cost suppliers. Goodwill solutions because of later occurring product defects are rare there.

Missing test certificates

High-quality windows can also be recognized by corresponding test certificates. Cheap windows, such as those from the hardware store, usually do not have these test certificates. A particularly important testimony to windows is the RAL quality guidelines. Only high-quality windows have the RAL quality seal.

Installation is also a criterion

For every window, however, proper installation is also important. Improperly installed brand windows can be as prone to error as cheap windows. Therefore you should definitely - regardless of which window you buy - on a professionally correct installation necessarily place value.

Possible problems with cheap windows

  • frequent repairs, functional restrictions after a few years
  • difficult spare parts procurement
  • high maintenance, thus a total increase in the price of the windows
  • reduced life due to inferior parts, also by relative increase in price

Advice from the professional helps the window sales to recognize quality differences, and to be able to better assess the actual risks when buying cheap windows. The professional can usually identify which parts could be problematic and point it out.

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