Quick and easy to light bathroom with white tile stickers

Especially in the bathroom white tiles radiate a bright and hygienic atmosphere and are therefore one of the favorites among the tile colors. With white tile stickers, this look can be created in minutes and with full color coverage.

Perfect solution for tenants

Who lives in an apartment or a house for rent, often has in the bathroom and kitchen old tiles, which are in terms of both appearance and state of preservation are no longer up to date. The complete replacement of tiles will cause a landlord or owner in the rarest cases on and at the request of a tenant.

As an alternative, the painting of the tiles in white is possible, but also requires the approval and a renovation in the long term. With tile stickers in white all these difficulties and obstacles can be circumvented. In addition, modern plastics cover the existing colors tightly, which usually only occurs after several coats of paint.

Optical uses

  • White tile stickers can cover or complement both colored and already white tiles.
  • A popular use of tile stickers in white is the combination with existing colors. For example, especially worn surfaces behind a washbasin or around a bath tub can be partially covered in white.

The tile stickers are cut by the manufacturers or dealers according to the information provided by the buyer.

  • On tiesensticker.org there are standard measures for direct selection, but also each individual measure is made.
  • At wandkings.de white tile stickers are available by unit price. Twenty stickers cost just under ten euros and fifty euros twenty.

Tips & Tricks

Also for the floor there are durable and resistant tile stickers in white. They cost about twice as much as wall stickers.

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