Just let the air out of the air mattress

Some air mattresses have an integrated air pump and even with an external pump, the air can be released quickly from an air mattress. But how does it work without a pump? Learn step by step how to let the air mattress out of your air mattress.

This is how it works with a pump

If you have an air pump to inflate an air mattress, you might as well use it to deflate the air: just turn it off and try out which setting sucks air in instead of blowing it out.

Let the air out of an air mattress without a pump

  • the weight of one or two people

1. Check valve

Most valves have a fuse to prevent the air from escaping easily. Check your valve and find out how to unscrew the fuse. For very simple air mattresses, you often have to squeeze this to allow the air to escape. For more complex air mattresses, the fuse can often unscrew.

2. As much weight as possible

Open the fuse of the valve and lie down on the air mattress. If you are a couple, lie down in pairs. The more pressure you can put on the mattress, the faster the air will escape.

3. wrinkles

If there is hardly any air left, fold the air mattress in the middle and lay it on top again.

As soon as the air escapes, fold it again and lie down on it.

Make sure that the valve is always exposed so that the air can escape easily.

Repeat the process until your air mattress is nearly empty and folded as small as possible.

4. Alternative: roles

Instead of folding the air mattress, you can also roll it. This has the advantage that the air mattress at the end of a compact, almost air-empty role that you can easily stow.

Tips & Tricks

Learn here how you can inflate your air mattress without air pump.

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