Radiant heater in the

Radiant heater in the: radiant

Radiant heaters generate a pleasant warmth on the terrace or balcony in cold temperatures and ensure a pleasant stay in the garden even in autumn. Depending on the model, they are mounted on the wall or ceiling and take less space than a mushroom or patio heater.

The team of lets-rebuild.com has three radiant heaters subjected to the practical test, to find out if the devices keep what they promise. The Solamagic 1400 ECO +, the ComfortSun24 1400 W and the Burda Term 2000 IP 24 were tested. In addition to the performance and heat distribution of the radiant heaters, we wanted to find out how easy it is to mount these models, if the operating and installation instructions are understandable and what additional information is available Give manufacturer on their website.

So we tested:

At the beginning of the test our attention was on the delivery. Were only the device and the ceiling or wall mount supplied or does the handyman get the necessary accessories, such as screws, dowels, etc. along with the delivery? We then evaluated each device for material and workmanship before testing and comparing the instructions for use. Finally, the assembly was subjected to the practical test based on the instructions in the instructions for use and the heating power of the three spotlights. Since we could not mount the devices on the brickwork, we only attached the brackets and checked the stability of the construction. For the heat test, a person took place at a distance of 1 m. For the test procedure, the temperature of the skin, the device and the heating rods were measured before and after a 2 minute operation.

Radiant heater Solamagic 1400 ECO + under test

Radiant heater in the: radiant

Radiant heater Solamagic 1400 ECO +

The radiant heater 1400 ECO + from Solamagic has a power of 1400 watts and is available in various versions according to the manufacturer's instructions, for example with a cable of special length, with pull, tilt or without switch. The standard model without switch costs in the manufacturer shop € 285.00. A towing or toggle switch is only available for a surcharge of € 13.00. Because of the better usability we have decided in this test for a heater with toggle switch.

Already when unpacking the radiant heater We noticed the short cable, which must be located near the outlet with a standard length of 0.40 m and within the prescribed safety distance of 0.1 m. A cable length of 1.40 m, however, costs another 5 €. The maximum length is 10.40 m for a surcharge of 50.00 €.

Radiant heater in the: points

Scope of delivery of the radiant heater from Solamagic


The scope of delivery includes the Solamagic 1400 ECO + radiant heater, the mounting bracket for wall and ceiling mounting, the operating and installation instructions and the guarantee certificate. The required for installation Dowels and screws are missing.

Radiant heater in the: radiant

In the standard version the cable with 40 cm is very short

Technical data for the Solamagic radiant heater

The housing is made of powder-coated aluminum and measures 490 x 150 x 145 mm (length x depth x height). According to the manufacturer, the service life of the radiant heater is approx. 5000 working hours. When mounted on a wall, the spotlight heats an area of ​​8 m2, while its heating power reaches 12 m2 when mounted to the ceiling. According to protection class IP 24, it is splash-proof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the device TÜV tested and awarded the GS mark for tested safety.

Radiant heater in the: heater

The bracket is fastened with the side screws

Installation of the Solamagic radiant heater

In the instructions for use, the safety distances are explained clearly in the form of readable sketches. For the assembly is located at the end of the instructions for use a graph, which unfortunately can hardly recognize due to their poor quality. On the basis of the assembly instructions on the manufacturer's side, however, is the attachment of the device Also possible for people without DIY knowledge.

Radiant heater in the: instructions

Radiant heater with mounted mounting bracket

The assembly proves to be simple: The mounting bracket is fixed with dowels and screws to the ceiling or the wall while maintaining the safety distances. Then open the side screws on the radiant heater, insert the bracket and screw it to. About these screws, the heater can be tilted by about 30 degrees.

Radiant heater in the: instructions

Radiant heater from Solamagic in the field test

Heating power in the test

In our practical test, the heating rods reached a temperature of approx. 207 degrees after 2 minutes. The heater itself heated at the upper edge of the case only about 7 degrees to 32.2 degrees, so when touched no risk of burns consists. Despite the high temperature of the heating elements, the skin warmed up at a distance of 1 m only by about 1.5 degrees.


The radiant heater from Solamagic ensures after a short time a pleasant, evenly distributed heat. In addition, its orientation can be adjusted by 30 degrees after installation. On his shop page, the manufacturer clarifies before safety clearance and installation before buying. The seal of approval gives the buyer the certainty of purchasing a safe product. Equally positive is the ease of installation. There were deductions in the rating, however, for the standard cable length, which is much too short at 40 cm, for the difficult to read graphics in the installation instructions and for the additional screws and dowels, which are not included in the delivery.

Conclusion: With4.11 points a very good heater of the middle price category.

test criterionRating (1-5 points)
Heated area4.5 points
delivery3 points
cable length2 points
Certified safety5 points
Supplied installation and operating instructions3.5 points
Assembly5 points
Additional information by manufacturer5 points
Adjustable beam direction5 points
Heating power (duration and heat sensation)4 points
Overall rating:4.11 points

Radiant heater ComfortSun24 1400 W under test

Radiant heater in the: radiant

Radiant heater ComfortSun24

Our second test device is the ComfortSun24 radiant heater of the Knoch IR technology with an output of 1400 watts. It is also available in different versions, z. B. as Golden Glare or Low Glare, without switch and with tilt or pull switch. The standard version with Golden Glare technology without switch is available in the manufacturer shop from 235,00 €. For a tilt or pull switch you pay a surcharge of 14,00 €. For the test, we opted for a white radiator with toggle switch.

Radiant heater in the: instructions

Scope of delivery of the spotlight ComfortSun24

Unlike the device from Solamagic The ComfortSun24 radiant heater has a standard cable length of 1.80 m and is therefore also suitable for terraces with no power outlet in the immediate vicinity.


Radiant heater in the: heater

The wall bracket is screwed to the back of the radiant heater

In addition to the instructions for use and installation The package includes the ComfortSun24 1400 W radiant heater, a wall and ceiling bracket with associated fixing screw and spacer and a brochure with additional information. As the only radiant heater in this test, the Knoch IR technology includes the dowels and screws required for installation.

Radiant heater in the: instructions

Mounting the wall bracket

Technical data for the radiator ComfortSun24

The housing of the radiant heater consists of a robust, powder-coated aluminum and measures 480 x 150 x 130 mm (length x depth x height). Its lifespan is also about 5000 working hours with the same power of 1400 watts. Regardless of the type of installation, the radiant heater heats an area of ​​approx. 10 m². While the versions with pull-switch and without switch are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, heaters with toggle switches may only be mounted on the wall. Like the expensive Solamagic device, the SolarComfortSun24 is splash-proof to IP 24 and suitable for outdoor use all year round. In addition, the radiant heater was awarded the test mark "TÜV-type tested".

Installation of the radiator ComfortSun24

Radiant heater in the: heater

Radiant heater ComfortSun24 in the field test

Using the readable photo guide At the end of the instructions for use and the graphics on the safety distances, the installation can be carried out with little effort by inexperienced people. Plus point: On the website of the device, the complete installation and operating instructions with color photos as a free PDF to download.

Become for the radiant heater first two holes drilled in the wall and the supplied dowels hammered in with a hammer. Then place the spacer under the bracket and screw both parts to the wall. The wall bracket is placed in the bracket attached to the back of the unit and tightened with the long screw. Finally, connect the spotlight to a power outlet. The ComfortSun24 can be tilted 35 degrees using the fastening screw. The installation on the ceiling takes place in the same way.

Heating power in the test

After installation, we tested how much heat the radiator emits in comparison to the device from Solamagic and what temperature the heating elements reach. The radiator immediately became warm without a warm-up. After 2 minutes we measured at the heating rods a temperature of 160 degrees. On the skin, a rise of about 4.9 degrees was measured. Thus, although the heating rods of the ComfortSun24 developed a lower temperature, they did more heat compared to the other radiant heater to our subject. The case could be safely touched after 2 minutes at a temperature of about 30.9 degrees.


With a price of 235,00 € is the radiator ComfortSun24 of Knoch IR-Technik GmbH the cheapest device in our test and convinced us with his performance and quality, because he reached without warm-up time, an even heat distribution. He also gave more heat to our subject even though the heaters reached a lower temperature than the Solamagic model. Another advantage is the 1.80 m long cable and the supplied dowels and screws for mounting. The ComfortSun24 also scores points in terms of safety because it is splash-proof and TÜV-certified in accordance with the IP 24 standard. In addition, the manufacturer provides the user with the complete manual as a colored PDF for download, with which the assembly can be implemented easily and without prior knowledge. There were slight deductions in the rating for the blurry photos in the supplied assembly instructions and the heated area, which is smaller for a ceiling mounting compared to the model of Solamagic.

Conclusion: With4,78 points The manufacturer offers an excellent, high quality radiant heater for a very good price.

test criterionRating (1-5 points)
Heated area4 points
delivery5 points
cable length5 points
Certified safety4.5 points
Supplied installation and operating instructions4.5 points
Assembly5 points
Additional information by manufacturer5 points
Adjustable beam direction5 points
Heating power (duration and heat sensation)5 points
overall rating4.78 points

Burda radiant heater tested: Term 2000 IP 24, model RCA01524

Radiant heater in the: heater

Burda radiant heater Term 2000 IP 24

Third, we test the radiant heater Burda Term 2000 IP 24, which costs € 359.00 in the manufacturer shop in the Golden Glare version and 399.00 € as a low glare. In contrast to the devices ComfortSun24 and Solamagic has this model a power of 1500 watts. Although it is also available in different versions, but the selection on the manufacturer's website is confusing than the other spotlights of our test. For example, the radiant heater is available for a surcharge of € 20.00 with a Hirschmann coupling, which is required for the connection of a dimmer and the use of the Burda remote control. We were pleasantly surprised by the 3 m long cable.


Radiant heater in the: instructions

Scope of delivery of the heat radiator from Burda

In addition to the device, the delivery includes the instructions for use and the L-bracket with screw to which the spotlight is mounted. As with the heat radiator from Solamagic missing the dowels and screws for wall or ceiling mounting.

Technical data for the Burda Term 2000 IP 24

The case has a stainless aluminum alloy and measures 510 x 125 x 95 mm (length x depth x height). In contrast to our other test radiant heaters, the protective grille of this device is relatively sharp-edged. In addition, there is a note on the back that it must be earthed by a specialist before being put into operation. - An important purchase criterion that was missing on the shop website. The service life is again about 5,000 working hours and the heating power is sufficient for a range of about 5 to 10 m2. Although it is also splash-proof according to protection class IP 24 and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it does not carry a TÜV seal nor the GS mark.

Installation of the Burda radiant heater Term 2000 IP 24

Radiant heater in the: radiant

Connection point on the backside of the Burda Heistrahlers

The instructions for use are much shorter than the other test products, but contains the mandatory information on safety distances as well as further safety and cleaning instructions, which can also be found at Solamagic and ComfortSun24. However, a montage sketch and instructions are missing. Also, the manufacturer's side does not contain additional information that helps with the assembly.

Before installation, the radiant heater must be de-energized. In addition, it may only be mounted by qualified personnel, so attachment by a hobby-handyman is not allowed. After installation, the spotlight can not be tilted, and the Golden Glare version may only be mounted horizontally.

Heating power in the test

Since the radiant heater must be switched off stress-free and only by a professional may be mounted, we classified the device as not suitable for DIY on. In addition, a practical test under these circumstances was unfortunately not possible.


Theoretically, the radiant heater with 5 to 10 m² achieved only a smaller area than the comparison devices, which led to a deduction in the rating. A positive point is the cable length of 3 m and the expected service life. In the course of the test, there were some negative points: The edges on the protective grid were relatively sharp. Although the scope of delivery corresponded to the standard, nevertheless, in the instructions for use as well as on the shop page, a concrete assembly instructions were missing. Clear deductions were made for the assembly, which must be performed by a professional, and the missing on the shop page notice. Already before the purchase one should learn, if an assembly by the customer or only by experts is possible. Since this device is not suitable for DIY because of the assembly, we could not subject it to a practical test. The only one of the test emitters it is not TÜV-tested, but meets the protection class IP 24 and is therefore suitable for use in sheltered outdoor area.

Conclusion: With a rating of2,61 points and the highest price of € 359.00, the Burda Term 2000 IP 24 radiant heater can not keep up with the two cheaper test devices.

test criterionRating (1-5 points)
Heated area3.5 points
delivery3 points
cable length5 points
Certified safety3 points
Supplied installation and operating instructions2 points
Assembly1 point
Additional information by manufacturer3 points
Adjustable beam direction3 points
Heating power (duration and heat sensation)0 points
overall rating2.61 points

Conclusion and comparison winner of the radiant heater

Radiant heater in the: points

Test winner ComfortSun24 in the radiant heater test

The radiators ComfortSun24 and Solamagic generate a pleasant warmth in a short time. We made big differences on all three devices Both during assembly, the instructions for use and the supplied accessories as well as the initial information on the shop website of the manufacturer. ComfortSun24 and Solamagic already clarify online about the applicable safety distances and the installation method and offer the customer the possibility of clearly choosing between different device versions. By contrast, Burda only finds the technical data and the reference to other models, which - in the case of closer interest - have to be called up awkwardly via the search field.

We were most impressed by the radiator ComfortSun24 from Knoch IR-Technik GmbH. Despite the with 235,00 € comparatively low price the delivery contains everything that is required for the assembly.Using the step-by-step instructions, even inexperienced DIY enthusiasts can install the device in the sheltered outdoor area. The radiant heater is of high quality and showed in our test a fast and even heat distribution. He also emitted a pleasant light and gave off most of the heat in two minutes. Due to the protection class IP 24, it is allowed to remain mounted all year round in protected outdoor areas. In addition, the device was developed and produced in Germany. Consequently, the heater with 4.78 points has the best price-performance ratio and surpasses the comparison of the expensive rival devices.

Test criteria for radiant heatersSolamagic 1400 ECO +ComfortSun24 1400 WBurda Term 2000 IP 24
power1400 watts1400 watts1500 watts
lifespanabout 5000 working hoursabout 5000 working hoursabout 5000 working hours
Heated areaapprox. 8 m² (wall mounting), approx. 12 m² (ceiling mounting)10 m²5-10 m²
Dimensions (L x D x H)490 x 150 x 145 mm480 x150 x 130 mm510 x 125 x 95 mm
Material of the housingPowder-coated aluminumPowder-coated aluminumStainless aluminum alloy (sharp-edged protective grid)
Standard cable length0.40 m1.80 m3,00 m
locationsIndoor and sheltered outdoor areaIndoor and sheltered outdoor areaIndoor and sheltered outdoor area
protection classIP 24 (splash-proof)IP 24 (splash-proof)IP 24 (splash-proof)
securityTÜV-tested, GS markTÜV-type testedX
mountingCeiling and wallCeiling and wall (with toggle switch wall-mounted only)Ceiling and wall
mounting wayMounting bracket, on the sides of the deviceCeiling and wall bracket, on the back of the unitL-hanger, on the back of the device
difficultyEasyEasyOnly by qualified personnel, device must be de-energized
Additional information on manufacturer sideGraphics for installation instructions and safety distancesColored installation and operating instructions with photo instructions as PDFX
Price for standard version (manufacturer shop)285,00 €235,00 €359,00 €
Price for radiant heater with toggle switch (Manufacturer-Shop)298,00 €249,00 €X
Overall rating of 5 points:4.11 points4.78 points2.61 points

This test was conducted in August 2014.

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