Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for Radiator Thermostat Comparison or Test 2018

  • Electric radiator thermostats are clever helpers of the modern home, which fully automatically ensure the perfect room temperature at the desired time.
  • After installation, all you have to do is set the times you wake up, leave, or return home. The radiator thermostat controls the heating in a forward-looking manner, so that heating is never unnecessary, but you never have to sit in the cold.
  • For exceptions we vacations or long party nights have the thermostats special settings.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: radiator

Every year in Germany wastes a lot of energy by unnecessarily heating empty rooms, Programmable radiator thermostats could save a lot, but in 2015 only about 5% of Germans used such devices centrally and controlled them centrally (Source: Statista). However, an impressive 35% expressed interest in purchasing. Are you one of them? Then you are right here.

From the price-performance winner to the winner of the test: the Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018 contains well-known and unknown brands, including the manufacturer of the test winner in the Radiator Thermostat Test by Stiftung Warentest. In addition, we offer an extensive Purchase advice that deals with all the important technical aspects of the thermostats, including the three popular specials:

  • Holiday mode
  • Boost mode
  • Window on recognition

Note that electric radiator thermostats are battery operated. With some offers the batteries must be bought separately.

1. Stop energy waste saves money

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: radiator

The classic heating controller is easy to use, but unfortunately not very clever.

In the German household, the majority is the conventional radiator thermostat in use, which is regulated by means of rotary switch: Levels one to five and an antifreeze mode, that was the standard for a long time (where level 3 corresponds to a temperature of about 20 degrees). In the head is a kind of thermometer, a liquid or gas, which expands and the valve to the heating pipe opens or closes accordingly.

Although this form of heating control is simple and reliable, electronic radiator thermostats are still pushing the market and outnumbering them. The reason is to look for the disadvantages of the classic thermostat. If the user comes home, the living room is cold, It takes a long time for the heater to reach a comfortable temperature. And so long is frozen.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: thermostat

Relaxed reading in a well-tempered room - the automatic radiator thermostat makes it possible.

Second disadvantage: The heating stays unnecessarily long hot when you go to bed. In the worst case, you completely forget about switching off, because the crime scene on TV so exciting or the day was so exhausting and you fall asleep right. The next day you enter the study and it is warm in it as in a sauna. Everyone has certainly had this experience a few times before.

All this waste of energy through the radiators will soon be felt over the heating costs in your wallet. Therefore, the initial investment in a programmable radiator thermostat is worthwhile - or several more. Cheap radiator thermostats are already available for less than 20 euros. It is an investment in the future and a greener, more economical home with the same warmth. Many manufacturers also offer a whole set of their products, so that all the radiators of the apartment are converted at once.

But do not believe all saving promises, with which the manufacturers advertise freely. 30% savings is just not possible. Realistic are 5 - 10%.

Among other things, the savings depend on how long the rooms stay cool (longer is better here) and how well the house is isolated. In a modern state-of-the-art insulation, the apartment does not cool off even in the absence.

2. Switching times

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: thermostat

A warm room at sunrise? No problem. The electric thermostat will start already before you jump out of bed.

A programmable radiator thermostat can switch only a limited number of times in one day. Mostly are four, six or seven switching times possibleThe best radiator thermostats even have over ten. Such many are rarely needed.

Think about how often the thermostat has to switch. Example: In the morning, it turns on half an hour before getting up, so you can have breakfast in the warm kitchen or brush your teeth in the bathroom. When leaving the apartment, it automatically shuts off the radiator. Half an hour before returning home from work, the living room is heated so you can fall straight into the comfortable armchair. If you go to bed after watching the evening book or reading a good book, the controller will switch to cold. For this simple process, only four switching times would be required - twice on and off twice.

The more regular your daily routine is, the more helpful an automatic thermostat will be.

3. Special modes

Man does not go to sleep day in and day out at the same time. For deviations from the normal daily rhythm, thermostats have different functions. Before you buy a radiator thermostat, you should think carefully about which of these modes you do not want to do without.

Window on recognitionAiring is important - not only to breathe fresh air, but above all to prevent mold. Annoying, however, when the thermostat encounters the sudden drop in temperature as the valve is turned on. Since the apartment does not cool down during the short release phase, it heats up quickly anyway.

Especially for this there is the quite simply called "window-on-detection" function. If the thermostat detects that the window is briefly opened for ventilation, just wait for it and do not try to raise the temperature immediately, Otherwise, the heater would be glowing hot after the window is closed again.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: 2018

Vacation mode, party modeVacations throw up the schedule that you have programmed into the device, without further ado. Suddenly the radiator should not go out at half past eight in the morning, but hum the whole day. The solution to this is a holiday mode: he sets the programmed times for a certain number of days, During this time you regulate the heat input manually.

When the holiday is over, exit the leave mode so the thermostat automatically returns to regular programming, If the thermostat does not have this feature, you will need to reprogram everything.

This mode is also called party mode. The name refers to the fact that sometimes even late in the evening a warm room is still required.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: 2018

Boost modeAlso called turbo mode. Here, the heating is almost full throttle at the push of a button, This is handy if, for example, you are home earlier than expected and want to have the apartment warm and cuddly.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: mode

4. Assembly

Everything in dry towels

Water does not leak when installing a new thermostat. So you do not have to provide a bucket.

Changing thermostats is not rocket science and can also be done by laymen, Very often it is screwed directly on. In this case, release the nut and then the thermostat. In some circumstances, a clamp instead of the nut has been used as a fixture, then you only need a screwdriver for the screw therein.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: thermostat

With the right adapter (here parts for a Danfoss valve), no heater can withstand the desired thermostat.

After that you can screw on the new thermostat and heat again in a controlled manner. If it does not fit, an adapter is needed, Standard are M30x1,5 thread, read from the table at the beginning of this guide. Power is supplied by two standard size AA batteries, which are not usually included.

Finally, programming is done to permanently set the precise control of the radiator valves. Follow the operating instructions. Some devices are reachable by radio and thus controllable with the smartphone.

Some controllers have a child safety featureso that the offspring does not turn the apartment into a Finnish sauna or a polar station on its own.

Radiator Thermostat Comparison 2018: comparison

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