Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the radio-controlled socket comparison or test 2018

  • With radio-controlled sockets you can save money in the long run. They are the first step to a smart home.
  • Radio-controlled sockets can be controlled in different ways. Modern are Wi-Fi connections that allow control of the power consumption via smartphone.
  • When selecting the correct radio-controlled socket, attention should be paid to aspects such as quality, maximum load capacity and range of the remote control.

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: 2018

So-called smart homes are also the big topic for owners and tenants this year: apartments and houses are becoming ever more intelligent, alarm systems are networked with smartphones and sensors of all kinds keep you up to date, even if you are away from home.

But it does not always have to be the expensive complete package. Take a first step towards intelligent living by purchasing a radio-controlled socket, Such a remote control outlet helps you conveniently and efficiently control power to all your electronic devices, whether you're on the couch or even on the go.

In our comparison of radio-controlled sockets 2018 we tell you which is the best radio-controlled socket for your needs. Should it be the expensive luxury version with radio socket app and the highest range? Or is the simple entry-level model à la "socket with remote control" enough?

In addition, we will show you which manufacturer and which brand performed best in tests of radio-controlled sockets and whether Stiftung Warentest has made a recommendation.

1. What is a radio-controlled socket?

With radio-controlled sockets to the smart home
Long underestimated, today an appreciated component: Radio-controlled sockets are the first important step towards an intelligent home. With them you save electricity and at the same time provide a significant increase in living comfort. Simply switch off unneeded stand-by devices and keep full control of your power consumption while you're out and about!

Practical and convenient: Simply regulate the light from the sofa, remove annoying power guzzlers from the mains in stand-by mode or switch off all the light in the home with just one button. That's what consumers appreciate most about a remote-controlled outlet.

As a rule, they can also be easily retrofitted: Those who do not want to install flush-mounted radio-controlled sockets simply plug their newly acquired radio-controlled socket set onto existing sockets.

Today, the functionality of many wireless sockets goes far beyond the simple switching on and off of the power supply via radio. In some cases, radio-controlled outlets can be integrated into complex smart home set-ups, control via smartphone app or program event-based. Advantages and disadvantages of a radio-controlled socket in comparison:

  • easy to install
  • easy to handle,
  • offers higher living comfort
  • saves electricity
  • is a first step to the smart home
  • more complex models are relatively expensive
  • App control nothing for techies
  • Radio signal can be disturbed by routers and other signal sources

2. Radio-controlled sockets in comparison: These differences exist

Radio-controlled socket is not the same as a radio-controlled socket. There are different types and designs, which are sometimes more or less suitable for specific projects.

If, for example, you do not want to give burglars the option of connecting their electrically operated burglary tool to the power supply on your terrace or balcony, you should rely on an external radio-controlled socket. An outdoor radio socket set enables you to switch off the power supply simply by means of a wireless switchif you do not need it yourself. Modern variants can even be programmed via smartphone app and deactivated automatically at night, for example.

But also for the interior there are different solutions from different categories:

Radio-controlled sockets with remote control

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: comparison

  • Simple sockets with remote control, which are simply placed on existing flush-mounted sockets or socket strips.

WLAN radio-controlled socket

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: comparison

  • A WLAN wireless socket that connects to the existing wireless router and then wirelessly and without additional switch controlled by smartphone.
  • To control these wireless sockets via WLAN, however, a separate app of the manufacturer is necessary.

Dimmable sockets

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: radio-controlled

  • A dimmable radio-controlled socket with which the brightness of connected light sources can be varied individually and depending on the situation.
  • Only devices with a power consumption of 50 to 300 watts can be connected here.

Power strip with remote control

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: 2018

  • A power strip with remote control, which can be connected to several pantographs such as lamps, chargers or stand-by devices.

Flush-mounted radio outlets

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: comparison

  • Flush-mounted radio-controlled sockets that unobtrusively integrate into any home.
  • Again, in addition to a simple socket with remote control Wi-Fi outlets are possible.

Raspberry radio-controlled socket

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: comparison

  • Hobbyists and technically savvy users can also build their own remote control sockets.
  • A "Raspberry wireless socket" including radio switch, for example, is implemented on the cheap single-board computer Raspberry Pi. Also wireless light switch with transmitter are possible.

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: socket

Air conditioning, light, sockets: In the modern home, everything can be controlled via remote control or app.

In addition, there are other minor deviations. For some wireless sockets, the radio works, for example, via Bluetooth instead of infrared or WLAN.

How the remote control of the outlet is ultimately done, does not matter. However, make sure that there are no sources of interference such as cell phones or wireless routers in the immediate vicinity of the power source.

Incidentally, you can expand your radio-controlled socket set relatively simply by means of a wireless light switch with transmitter, So you not only control your wireless outlets from the comfort of your sofa, but also have full control over your ceiling lights by radio.

3. Kaufberatung: What to look for in radio-controlled sockets

On remote-controlled sockets with radio switch set different aspects are important. So the maximum load capacity (watts) should be at least 1,000 watts - The operation of television sets and sound systems is then no problem.

A range (m) of the socket remote control between 25 and 30 meters is common standard. Note, however, that obstacles such as walls can affect the radio signals. And of course, a remote control for the sockets or a complete wireless switch set should be included as well.

Apropos: Important are the remote control channels. As a rule, there are three to five different ones that can be programmed individually or together. For example, you can place several radio-controlled sockets on one channel and switch them on or off together.

Furthermore on comfort and user-friendliness affects the kind of programming (manual / automatic). Radio-controlled sockets with test-winner potential are self-learning thanks to their automatic programming and connect to the remote control by itself. With only manual programming option so-called DIP switches in remote control and socket are used.

Also useful, but not decisive for every customer in buying advice: a parental control and an outdoor suitability. In addition, a quick installation, batteries and the maintenance of the programmed programming in case of power failure are further criteria in the purchase decision.

Danger:If you want to connect larger consumers such as fan heaters or coffee machines to sockets with remote control, ensure sufficient switching performance. Normal household sockets are usually protected to 3600 watts. However, you should be on the safe side already from 2300 watts.

4. The most important questions and answers about the radio-controlled socket

4.1. How to install a radio-controlled socket?

A conventional power outlet with remote control is simply plugged into an existing power outlet like a power plug. After just a few minutes everything is ready and you have full control over your power consumption.

A slightly more extensive installation is necessary if it is a wireless socket for WLAN. Here you must first of all deal with the corresponding apps for the smartphone or with the appropriate applications on the Internet.

4.2. Which manufacturer makes the best radio-controlled sockets?

No matter whether you are looking for a cheap radio-controlled socket or a complex radio-controlled socket set: At well-known dealers such as Conrad, you will come across, among others, Intertechno radio-controlled sockets or one or the other Elro radio-controlled socket.

Even radio-controlled sockets from Brennenstuhl are relatively widespread. In addition, producers such as CMI, Diwa, ELV, Flamingo, Goobay, Heitronic, Home Easy, Mumbi, Plugwise, REV-Ritter, Trust and Vivanco are all on the market.

Which manufacturer offers the best radio-controlled sockets could clarify a comprehensive radio-controlled socket test. However, Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a detailed test of radio-controlled sockets. However, in a quick test, the Foundation took on a handful of intelligent sockets in issue 04/2014. But companies like Elro were not among them.

4.3. How much is a radio socket?

Radio-controlled sockets comparison 2018: sockets

A radio-controlled socket can be used to disconnect standby power consumers from the mains. In the long run you will even save money.

Conventional radio-controlled sockets are priced in the double-digit range. Depending on the range of functions and contents of a socket set, an intelligent and robust system for the smart home can also cost several hundred euros.

4.4. Which devices can be connected to a radio-controlled socket?

Normally, all devices that are operated on normal sockets can also be connected to a radio-controlled socket. What you have to consider are the maximum switching capacity of the socket and possible programming settings of the connected devices.

Digital radios, alarm clocks, and receivers may lose their settings without standby mode. They are therefore only conditionally suitable for connection to a radio-controlled socket.

4.5. Which radio switch should I choose?

There are both Elro and Intertechno wireless switches on, as well as separate and included in the socket package. The same is true for most other providers. When it comes to compatibility, you're on the safe side if you stay with one manufacturer and do not mix the different brands and products with each other. Existing set-ups with too few switches can be extended by an additional wireless switch set.

Furthermore, a distinction between wall switches and mobile light switches. If you do not want to do without the usual light control via push buttons on the wall, opt for a radio light switch with transmitter to be fixed on glass, mirrors, tiles, marble or wood. Even more flexible is a portable remote control.

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