Rafter roof - the details are important

A rafter roof is very robust, durable and usually quite cheap to construct. Nevertheless, mistakes can be made. The details are also very important for a rafter roof. Here we show what is important about the rafter roof.

Sources of error at the rafter roof

The details are crucial for the stability and longevity of the roof truss, even on a rafter roof. Thus, the strength of the individual rafter is not only decisive for the stability, it must also be strong enough so that a sufficiently strong insulation fits between the rafters.

No space for insulation

If the space between the rafters is not sufficiently deep to accommodate the required insulation thickness, the rafters must be doubled. This is expensive, since working time and material are added in addition to the insulation costs.

Rafter roof - the details are important: roof

The alternative would be a high consumption of heating costs, which is no longer permitted today and can not be desirable anyway.


If the roof is particularly large and in the upper area under the ridge possibly even more living space to be created, throat bars can fulfill a double benefit.

They support the rafters and stabilize the entire roof structure. At the same time they serve as a ceiling and from the other side as a basis for the floor. In between, it is easy to bring in the appropriate amount of insulation.

Tips & Tricks

As a precaution, you should support the rafters when you need a lot of stability. Not everywhere a purlin roof is necessary to support the rafters.

But in wind-rich areas and larger roof areas, the middle purlin is recommended as a support for the rafters. Although it takes a little space from the living space, but the benefits are greater than the disadvantage and the cost.