Clean the gutter - with a clever trick

Cleaning gutters is a tedious task, but a necessity if you want to ensure proper drainage of the roof. Find out how to make a clever move here in this post.

Clean gutters - the simple and elegant way

The classic way works quite simple: you stand on the ladder and with a glove gets the coarsest dirt out of the gutter.

Then you sweep the remaining - mostly damp - dirt together, and return it to the tip of a dustpan, which you keep in the gutter. This is time consuming, not very pleasant and not very effective.

Much easier if you use the trick described below. This will save you a lot of time and effort

What to look for when cleaning the gutter

  • Carry out the cleaning regularly
  • make sure that no dirt gets into the downpipe, which could clog it
  • to be cleaned more frequently in autumn and sometimes also in spring

This is how cleaning the gutter is easy

  • an old plastic bottle
  • sharp knife
  • tube
  • narrow hand brush

1. Halve the plastic bottle

Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut the plastic bottle in half. The upper half with the spout can throw you away.

In the lower half, cut some small diameter holes in the ground, about one centimeter.

2. Plastic bottle as a dustpan

First use the plastic bottle as a dustpan for the coarsest dirt. If you use a narrow hand brush, they are ready in no time.

3. Rinse the gutter

Empty the plastic bottle and place it with the holes in the bottom just above the downpipe. The open side of the halved bottle points towards the gutter.

Now guide water through the gutter with the hose. Like in a sieve, the finer dirt in the bottle also gets stuck as the water drains through the holes into the downpipe.

Tips & Tricks

You can also attach a strainer to the top of the downpipe. When rinsing, the dirt collects there and can be more easily removed.

Video Board: Cool gutter cutting trick