A rain gutter made of zinc impresses with optics and long life

Anyone who attaches a gutter, of course, wants that the effort is worthwhile and the drainage of the roof is guaranteed for a long time. Particularly durable and visually beautiful is the execution in zinc.

Sufficient drainage to protect against water damage

Gutters ensure the drainage of rainwater. They thus serve to prevent damage to the facade and masonry by accumulated water, which runs through a downpipe.

Durable material

When looking for the right material you will also find the proven material zinc. Compared to other gutters, a rain gutter made of zinc is characterized by its very long durability and its resistance to environmental influences.

The patina, which forms over the years at the gutter, is a natural protective layer that increases the resistance of the material even more.

Production in a special procedure

Gutters are available in pure zinc, titanium zinc or galvanized sheet steel. Galvanized steel sheet undergoes a special process during production. The sheet is provided with an alloy of zinc, which makes it more durable.

Also popular are gutters made of titanium zinc. For this purpose, a mixture of zinc and small amounts of titanium and copper is produced. Troughs made of this material are very malleable, offer low thermal expansion, processing advantages and a shelf life of forty years.

Type of attachment

Choose style and personal taste for mounting your zinc gutter. Whether semicircular or box-shaped, suspended or internal gutters and roof gutters, the range of specialist retailers has a lot to offer.

The advantages of a zinc gutter are

  • extremely long shelf life
  • excellent corrosion and weather resistance
  • stability
  • even with heat, only a small expansion of the material
  • breaking strength

Suppliers and prices

High quality zinc gutters are offered on the internet by

  • Dachrinnen-kaufen.de, a reliable provider
  • Dachrinnen-shop.de, with a range of metal gutters
  • Blechshop24.com specializes in gutters

Titanium-zinc gutters in semicircular design are already available from 7.30 Euro, zinc box gutters are available from 7.- Euro per meter.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, do not mix zinc gutters with other materials. It could cause chemical reactions that damage the material. Water taken up by a copper gutter can damage a zinc gutter.

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