Solder gutter - that's how it works

Only zinc gutters are soldered - and these have become almost an obsolete model in the plastics age today. Or a classic, whatever you want. The correct soldering of the individual parts of the zinc gutter needs expertise. Find out how to do it.

When soldering it depends on some things

Soldering only plays a role in zinc gutters. These consist of individual sections, which are joined together by soldering. Even later leaks can be repaired here by soldering again.

A little skill is needed in soldering, and also a little experience in dealing with the soldering iron. Then the soldering of the individual parts is not a major problem.

What needs to be soldered

  • The cuts together
  • the front face plate
  • the rear face plate
  • possible leaks in the gutter

You need a soldering iron with at least 500 W power, better more. Gas soldering irons perform very well here.

You also need to use so-called flux, which is a dilute hydrochloric acid solution. It serves to better connect the metallic seams.

That's how it goes in detail

  • Gutter parts
  • hook
  • solder
  • flux
  • water
  • soldering iron
  • tongs
  • acid-proof brush
  • Assembly tool for the hooks

1. Mount the hook and solder in front plates

First, the hooks of the gutter are mounted in the right slope. Gradients of 3 - 5 mm are usual here. If all the hooks are correctly mounted, you can also solder the front plates on the start and end piece right away.

2. Connect parts

Plug the two gutter parts together at the bead. The overlap does not need to be more than 10 mm. Wipe the solder joint thoroughly with flux using the acid-proof brush.

3. soldering

The temperature of the soldering iron must be brought well above the melting point of tin. Then slowly guide the soldering iron along the seam and evenly add tin.

When the gap absorbs the tin, the bond is solid. This should work as soon as possible, as reheating again only leads to the tin coming out again and does not produce any higher tightness of the seam.

Tips & Tricks

Always be aware of the fire hazard of soldering near the roof and be careful.

Video Board: Soldering a Gutter Seam