A rainwater collector downpipe helps with rainwater harvesting

A rainwater collector downpipe is used to drain rainwater from the roof drainage in rain barrels and cisterns. It can take over the function of filtering with additional components. The material used is, according to the gutter, plastic or metal.

From the rain flap to the modern filter

The oldest variant of your rainwater collector is the rainwater damper. A sheet metal is adapted to the diameter of the downpipe and mounted in the downpipe. If the flap is closed, the rainwater runs past the flap into the sewage system. By opening the flap, the water can be diverted into a rain barrel and used for pouring.

Rainwater harvesting

The soft rainwater is always good for the plants in the garden. It also protects your wallet and the environment. Through the rainwater collector and the discharge through the downpipe, the storage is easily handled, the downpipe directs the wet to the right place.

A rainwater collector downpipe is available in different materials, just like the gutters. So it's made of plastic, zinc, copper or metal. The attachment is usually simple, no special skills are required.

Downpipe filters

The rainwater brings willy-nilly also impurities in the gutter. Foliage, small twigs or bird droppings are difficult to remove and cause a bad smell. The installation of a filter in the rainwater downpipe is recommended, it ensures the filtering of foreign bodies.

Downpipes of a rainwater collector

  • are available in all common diameters.
  • serve the purpose of rainwater drainage
  • can be provided with a rainwater collector or filter.
  • Bauwelt.de, the shop offers a special rainwater filter.
  • Stabilo-sanitaer.de has a suitable water level controller on offer.
  • Dachbaustoffe.de, a reliable and fast supplier
  • regentonnenshop.de specializes in systems around rainwater collectors and downpipes

Cheap in price

The price for a downpipe made of copper in the size DN 120 is a good 20, -Euro per meter, from aluminum, it is already available from 8, - Euro. In plastic version of the running meter costs a good 5, - € for a DN 75 pipe.

Tips & Tricks

When attaching the downpipes in rainwater collection never plastic and metal should be combined, even a mixture of different metals is not recommended. This could negatively affect a lightning strike.

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