Rainwater filter, downpipe filter, Regendieb

Operation of rainwater filter systems

Rainwater filter, downpipe filter, Regendieb: downpipe

Regendieb, filling machine and Co. should normally always be equipped with a sophisticated system, which self-cleaning and low maintenance separates the dirt from the rainwater and this in a Sammelbehälter passes.

There may of course be slight modifications.

In addition, you can still find between the different models self-cleaning filters and filters that are emptied regularly by hand Need to become.

In general, the rainwater inside the rain screen or the filling machine meets in a kind of obliquely mounted Pipe with a stainless steel sieve as an opening, As a result, only rainwater and no leaves can get into the inflow to the rain barrel.

The derogatory positioning of the sieve causes the foliage to slide sideways - It is swept out of the system with a small amount of rainwater.

Another advantage of these filter devices is that they additionally Avoid overflowing the rain barrels.

When the bin is full, the water is returned to the rain screen and then fed through the downpipe to the sewage system.

The right filter for every downpipe

When buying a rainwater filter, make sure it fits your downpipe. Besides the optical aspect, it is also about the fit: Filter and downpipe should be the same diameter have that Filter must not reduce the diameter of the downpipe under any circumstances!

The risk of a broken downpipe and resulting water damage can easily be averted by starting at the Buy on the so-called cross-sectional equality respect, think highly of. By choosing between metal or plastic and different colors, the filter adapts optically to the existing drainage system.

Note the roof size!

So that your rainwater collection system is not overburdened with the rain masses, you have to to choose the size of your roof, The common filter systems are for one Roof size up to 80m² certainly.

Assembly and supply line

To assemble the filter, you must saw out a piece of the downpipe. In order to avoid that the downpipe thereby becomes unstable, you should take care in any case, none thereby Remove downpipe attachments.

Below or above the Regendiebs a pipe clamp should fix the construction, Now you need another supply to the rain barrel. Depending on which type of filter you have chosen, there are of course several possibilities. A simple one Solution is for example one flexible hosefastened with hose clamps to rain barrel and rain thief.

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