Rainwater infiltration with gravel - you should know

Gravel is the best way to achieve a high percolation performance. How and where to use it best, and what to look for in gravel, read in this post.

Suitable gravel for infiltration

Gravel is often used in rigging systems, as well as in gravel filled infiltration wells. Even surface infiltration sometimes resort to gravel beds.

It is important the right grain size at the gravel. In general, you can use grain sizes from 8/16 to 16/32 well.

Gravel or trench body

Gravel has some advantages, especially in the construction of rigs:

  • Gravel is cheaper
  • Gravel is easier to obtain
  • Gravel can be introduced arbitrarily high

On the other hand, plastic elements (trash poles) are more expensive and harder to obtain, but much more efficient in terms of water storage. They require significantly less space to store the same amount of water. This, too, can be an important argument in some cases.

Tips & Tricks

Always let a specialist advise you on the right grain size for your project - he can usually best estimate what is best for you.

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