Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation

Rainwater collection saves money and the environment

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: collect

Instead of irrigating the garden in the hot season with precious drinking or groundwater, it now lends itself to the spring, the To collect irrigation water for the summer in a rain barrel. This protects the valuable groundwater reserves and at the same time the wallet. Finally, there is the rainwater for free - and on top of that, the plants are happy because the water from above is soft and lime-free.

Special rain collectors, which are installed in the gutter of the gutter, direct the rainwater flowing down into the rain barrel. With good collection systems like the Rainboy from Marley, the efficiency is over 90 percent. As a result, almost the entire amount of water that flows through the downpipe, collected by the rain collector and derived.

In addition, should Rain collector equipped with an overflow stop that prevents the bin from overflowing. This works according to the principle of communicating tubes: rain collector and barrel are connected by a piece of hose.

Gutters protect buildings from moisture damage

The condition that rainwater can be collected at all, is a reliable and intact gutter system. This not only helps save drinking water, but protects buildings from costly damage from rainwater or water spray. This also applies to carport, gazebo or weekend house. The installation of the impact-resistant and dimensionally stable plastic gutters is very easy and fast to do. Because elaborate soldering is not necessary for a secure connection, because the items are simply plugged into each other or glued.

If you want to know, which gutter is the right one for your roof, look at the page There you will find many useful information on the topic of gutters under the item Service and a calculation tool "gutter calculator".

Rainboy: rain barrel with overflow protection for garden irrigation

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: rainwater

Rain barrel at the downpipe of the gutter

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: rainwater

Rain barrel with overflow protection

As soon as the water level in the bin has reached the maximum level, the rainwater flows through the downpipe into the sewage system. In addition, the Rainboy has a self-cleaning filter system. It ensures that the rain barrel is always filled with clean water. Impurities are flushed into the lower downcomer and discharged into the duct. The rain collector Marley "Rainboy" is available in the building materials trade or in the hardware store in the common gutter colors gray, brown and a copper tone.It fits for downpipe sizes from 87 to 105 millimeters in diameter.

Mount downpipe for the rain barrel

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: garden

Take dimensions for downpipe

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: collect

Cut tubes

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: barrel

Deburr cut edges

This is especially effective Collecting rainwater via gutter, downpipe and rain barrel. Place an arch on the nozzle of the gutter and measure the distance to the counter-arch on the wall of the house. It is important to note the insertion depth of 4 cm and the distance to the house wall. If the roof overhang is small, it is sufficient to connect two bows directly to the bow connector.

Pipes made by quality manufacturers can be easily and quickly brought to the right length with a fine-toothed saw. Especially it becomes precise with a miter box or miter saw. Then it is also easy to deburr the cut ends and to ensure that the items simply and tightly put together and thus the collecting capacity of the downpipe can be increased.

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: garden

Put together individual parts

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: barrel

fixed clamp

Collect rainwater: rain barrel for garden irrigation: collect

loose clamp

Around to attach the downpipe to the house wall, Clamps and loosening with dowels are attached to the house wall. The clamp secures the downpipe at the top. For this purpose, an eyebolt is mounted laterally on the tab, so that the downpipe can be firmly fixed at this point. The distance between the pipe clamps should be 2.00 to 2.50 m.

With a "Losschelle" the downpipe is guided in the middle or at the lower end, whereby the eyebolt is mounted between the lugs so that the pipe can move in the clamp and compensate for changes in length due to temperature fluctuationsled with another tube to the rainwater channel or it ends up in a rainwater septic tank.

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