Rescuing rainy flowers in the balcony box

Rescuing rainy flowers in the balcony box: flowers

Flowers on the balcony after a downpour

Flowers in window boxes, in which it rains frequently, suffer greatly. With some immediate measures, the plants can be nursed again. The Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia gives tips for eager Balkongärtner.

If many leaves turn yellow or are torn by the wind, the plants can be cut back. Most balcony plants sprout again and bring new flower florets.

When it has rained often in the flower box, nutrients have been washed out. These can be replenished quickly with a liquid fertilizer, which must not be a long-term or depot fertilizer. The flower lover can already prevent the choice of plants.

Filled flowering geraniums are more susceptible to rain than simply flowering, since the water is longer in the flowers. In petunia, one can fall back on small-blooded varieties, for example Million Bells. These bring more flowers and are not so sensitive.

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