Eccentric sander comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the orbital sander comparison or test 2018

  • Eccentric grinders are ideal for processing uneven surfaces. On the other hand, they can not reach the corners, in which case a second grinding device may have to be added.
  • Dust extraction removes a large portion of harmful substances and sanding dust that may get into your lungs. Nevertheless, wear a mask and other protective clothing.
  • The sanding sheets are fastened by means of a Velcro system. Always start with a coarse grain and progressively work to a fine grain to avoid damaging the workpiece.

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: comparison

Grinders are available for a variety of purposes. The orbital sander is one of those that tends to wear away over a large area. His greatest strength is uneven surfaces, which he effortlessly works on. His archenemy, however, are corners in which he has no chance with his round sanding plate.

In our orbital sander comparison, we will explain the technical criteria of the device and some accessories. In the table you will get an overview of different brands and manufacturers, the text offers a comprehensive purchase advice.

1. Application of the eccentric grinder

The right grinder makes it possible

If you are not sure which grinder to use, it is best to take a look at our delta sander comparison. There, in addition to delta sander and eccentric sander, some other relatives of the device are clearly presented.

for delta sanders comparison

The orbital sander is a grinding machine with a round sanding pad. The inserted blade rotates at high speed around its own axis. It is also mounted eccentrically so that additional circular movements of a few millimeters take place. This procedure ensures that the orbital sander wears off a lot of material, but still works much finer than a belt sander.

Showcase works of the eccentric grinder are the Sanding uneven surfaces and other curveswhich is difficult to handle with other grinding machines (such as the orbital sander). The device can be held obliquely on all possible surfaces, be it the seat of a wooden chair or the beams of a stair railing.

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: 2018

With the eccentric sander, you can also polish car paint without any problems.

But the orbital sander has not only grown wood - he lets himself also use as a polishing machine, Important for this is the matching polishing attachment: a lamb wool hood. There are even for this purpose special pneumatic eccentric grinders, which are standard equipment in the car workshop, A regular electric orbital sander could be dangerous there due to flying sparks.

essential Weak point are flat angles and of course corners of all kinds, here other power tools must be consulted. First choice are delta sanders and multi-sanders. These have a triangular sanding pad, which also hard to reach places are conquerable.

2. Technical criteria

The Power consumption describes the power consumption of the grinder and is expressed in watts. But that alone does not say much - cheap grinders consume a lot and do little. Also, the idling speed, expressed in revolutions per minute, has limited meaningfulness, because it says nothing about how much the engine slows down when it comes into contact with the workpiece. Therefore, the best eccentric sander have some low power consumption and speeds.

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: comparison

Thanks to a rotary switch (attached to the side of a DeWalt eccentric sander), the rotation of the grinding disc can be controlled to suit the material.

On the other hand, it is important whether the speed can be reduced by means of a switch. You do not always need the full power of grinding, Some surfaces require a cautious approach.

The so-called Oscillating circuit describes how large the small additional circles are, which are generated by the eccentric construction of the sanding pad, This unit is also referred to as a hub - a term that even experienced home improvement is not always familiar with. It is not relevant for the purchase decision.

3. Other, important aspects

In addition to the criteria that relate to the performance and abrasion amount of the grinder, there are some that with the Comfort of the user have to do. Here we summarize them compactly:

  • Auxiliary handle
  • mass
  • Dust extraction

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: sander

With this Makita eccentric sander, the auxiliary handle is mounted on a rotatable ring so that it can also be placed on the side.

With an additional handle, the grinder can be controlled better, because so the second hand is used to hold with, Especially with strong vibration, this makes work a lot easier. This handle sits on the front of the head of the device and can be removed if it is temporarily not needed. Ideally, it can even be mounted laterally so that the user finds his preferred working position.

And the vibration is not insignificant: just cheap tools suffer from strong vibrations, causing the hand fatigued quickly, If you like the unit Meters per second squared too strange, keep in mind: high number, strong self-vibration of the grinder.

Note that vibration may be higher than specified for certain operations (such as polishing) and differential pressure.

Also not to be neglected is the weight of the machines. Some devices weigh almost twice as much as others - you will feel the difference. Whether high weight of advantage or disadvantage is, however, can not say all inclusive, On the one hand, a heavy machine pushes down on its own and thus helps you to reduce abrasion. If you grind the floor, that is quite advantageous.

On the other hand that is high weight hindering when you grind a wall or a three-dimensional object, which can not be put on the floor, If then the grinder has no additional grip and must be operated with one hand, is that in over two kilograms quite in the arm, Press two packets of flour against the wall for a long time, and you'll have a quick idea of ​​what you'll be dealing with if you buy a heavy orbital sander.

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: eccentric

Through the hose of the vacuum cleaner all accumulating sanding dust of this Bosch eccentric sander is quickly removed.

On the market and in orbital sander tests (whereby you will not find such an eccentric sander test at Stiftung Warentest) almost exclusively eccentric sander "with suction" is bustling around. It is a Dust extraction, for which an additional vacuum cleaner is needed, Here special workshop vacuum cleaners with filters are used.

Your hose will be connected to the suction nozzle and removes most of the abrasion during working, This protects the eyes and lungs of the handyman (but is no substitute for protective clothing). The construction may seem a bit awkward, but worth the effort in any case. See also chapter 4: Safety instructions. In principle, the supplied dust cassette can be used, but this is often not quite as efficient.

The cable length can of course be extended as desired with an extension cable. Nevertheless, it is convenient if that supplied power cord not too short is.

Also a pure matter of taste is the transport case. If you already have a suitable storage option, you can safely ignore the table line. If you want to remain loyal to a manufacturer in the long term, you have to Stackable case system makes sense.

4. Safety instructions

An orbital sander, whether test winner or cheap, is not a toy and certain safety precautions are essential in this type of machine:

safety goggles

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: eccentric

Flying dust is not only unpleasant when it comes into the eyes, but even dangerous, Useful goggles are already available for ten euros.

For eyeglass wearers there are own models. In addition, the customer can choose between clear and tinted glasses.

ear protection

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: 2018

Eccentric sander reach one Volume of over 80 decibels. Particularly in the case of continuous stress, the hearing can be damaged.

Hearing protection is available in two versions: as headphones and as small in-ears, which disappear in the auricle.


Eccentric sander comparison 2018: 2018

Not only the eyes can Damaging dust, it also penetrates into the mouth and thus into the trachea, With a small respirator you filter unwanted particles from inhaling.

Even better: a dust extraction, All good eccentric sander have an adapter to which a vacuum cleaner can be connected. Also popular: a dust collector, which is emptied into the trash after use.

Not indispensable, but also from the category occupational safety and in principle recommendable: a couple working gloves.

Take the work safety seriously. Especially eyes and ears are sensitive organs that can cause irreparable injuries.

4. Matching sandpaper

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: comparison

For the work you need sanding papers of different grain size, which are used successively.

First of all, note which diameter the sanding pad has, In the table at the top of the guidebook you will find the respective width - 125 mm and 150 mm are standard sizes, so you always have a large choice in the sanding paper for the eccentric sander.

Start with a coarse grain and work your way up to finer grain sizes, It costs time and effort, but the result is worth it. Otherwise you risk damaging the surface.

Abrasive paper for (both expensive and cheap) eccentric grinder is attached by means of a Velcro fastener, This facilitates a quick change of the blade when the grain is to be changed. Other clamping mechanisms are now obsolete and do not appear in our 2018 orbital sander comparison.

Eccentric sander comparison 2018: sander

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