Ship pallet with bulky goods

If bulks or loads can no longer be shipped as a package, shipping on a pallet is an alternative that is cheap. Classic and most widespread is the standardized Euro pallet with a loading area of ​​1.20 x 0.80 meters. It is also possible to send on disposable pallets, which are disposed of after receipt.

Reliably stable loading

If you want to ship goods on a pallet, you should load the pallet as completely and evenly as possible. Cuboid cardboard boxes in the dimensions adapted to the pallet are available for small pieces of freight. Bulky goods must be packed in such a way that the outer dimensions of the pallet are not exceeded at any point.

The loading height is different for the providers and ranges from 1.80 to 2.50 meters. For many standard freight goods there are ready fixation and fastening devices. Typical cargo shipped on pallets are household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. The devices must be lashed according to forwarder specifications.

Maximum loading weight

The pallet dimensions and size vary, whereby the dimensions of the classic Euro pallet can be calculated very well. In addition, the often cheaper shipping, if the carrier or the forwarding company participates in the exchange system EPAL.

The load capacity of a Euro pallet is around 1500 kilograms and should not be exceeded. There are providers who allow up to 2000 kilograms payload. Experts define the upper limit at 1500 kilograms, where the pallet can still safely be moved and loaded.

Guide prices for pallet shipping

For sending a pallet in Germany, similar to the package postage, flat rates for the individual weight levels are offered. The approximate guide prices are the following price ranges:

  • up to 50 kilograms (kg) 60-100 euros
  • up to 100 kg 70-120 euros
  • up to 250 kg 80-130 euros
  • up to 500 kg 100-150 euros
  • up to 1000 kg 140-180 euros
  • up to 1500 kg 230-260 euros

It should be noted when sending pallets, the travel packages for the delivery of the pallet and any empty travel are due. Furthermore, charging fees, weekend surcharges and flat rates can be calculated.

Tips & Tricks

If you send several pallets, you should calculate with the transport routes. While weight hardly plays a role in sea and river transport, it is a decisive cost factor for air and land freight.

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