Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too

Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too: time

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For quite a long time I have decided to enter this area and implement one or the other project. Now the time has come. At Christmas, I made myself a Raspberry Pi Model B + plus more accessories. Of course, there is no gift, but if you look at the technology and above all the possibilities, it is still a relatively cheap hobby. However, I do not know yet how much this fascinates me and what may come up to me.

What awaits you in further contributions?

I am very inquisitive in such matters and learn fast. Still, I have to say very clearly that I start here from scratch. I will try, I will test, I will practice and I will certainly make mistakes. Nevertheless, or exactly for that reason, I would like to share with you and learn together with you. Therefore, I would be pleased, if join more newcomers and get into this topic together with me. So we can help each other and share found knowledge. It would also be nice if experienced users join in, who help me or us and help with problems.

Single Board Computer or Single Board Computer (SBC) - Which Model?

For desktop PCs, I know a lot, build three or bring broken ones to run again. That I also do a lot in this area, have certainly noticed some. Single-board computers are completely uncharted territory for me. On the one hand, there are cheaper variants, on the other hand, but also much faster colleagues. Even QuadCore processor are now possible. But since I'm new to boarding I have opted for the Raspberry Pi. It should now be widely used, there are tons of accessories and, above all, there is much to find on the net. In addition, I am still fascinated by a project found in Blogrundschau. Operation Eigenheim has built an ambilight with it and that appeals to me as well. Build Ambilight with the Raspberry Pi itself

Raspberry Pi - which where and how to buy?

The decision was made - it will be a Raspberry Pi. Which one? What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing? What else do I need? The basic equipment is quite simple, who does not live technically behind the moon, in principle, needs nothing more than a bare Raspberry Pi. Anyone should have the necessary accessories to use it. For a first operation, a USB keyboard, a micro SD card, a power adapter with mini-USB and an HDMI cable are required. Nothing exotic and I would have found everything with me. But to make it easy for me, I've listened to a good friend who recommended me a complete package. Important note was that it is the UK version and not an import from China. I have heard and so cheap the Raspberry Pi Model B + Bought. In order to have something to play with, there were also other accessories - Christmas is not that often. ? I would like to introduce you to the individual articles:

Raspberry Pi Model B + Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too: raspberry

Raspberry Pi

As I said, I was recommended the set and since Dominik (so the guilty one) has already implemented a lot, I have relied on this recommendation and bought it. It contains just about everything that is useful. There is, for example, the Raspberry B +, an HDMI cable, a W-Lan adapter, heat sink, a power supply, housing and the required Micro SD card. The SD card has the advantage that NOOB is already installed. NOOB is a small program that helps with the installation of the operating system and brings some of them. At the first start only the desired operating system needs to be selected and already it is installed and starts later automatically. It is also possible to reset the system or install multiple operating systems. But we'll talk about that later.

Raspberry with accessories 56,99 €

Remote control for Raspberry Pi Media Center

Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too: other

Remote control for Raspberry Pi

Big stupid mistake. Not the purchase of this remote control, but the fact that I ordered them only now and only once. Whether Raspberry Pi or PC, just plug it in and much can be operated on it. Since I just use a computer as a media device in the party room / workshop, the remote control is simply awesome. Otherwise, I use my keyboard with volume control, which is sometimes quite impractical. This remote control is much easier to handle and with a small joystick you can even operate the mouse. For 11 € a small luxury, which I will afford later not only on Raspberry.

Remote control with receiver 10.10 €

Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too: other

Keyboard for Raspberry Pi

Actually, I pay attention to my keyboards that they combine mouse and keyboard and the receiver also serves as a charging station for the mouse. I think that's just convenient, even if the purchase is not always that easy. In this case, it was important to me that the receiver is very small and the keyboard contains no unnecessary functions. Meanwhile, however, I have decided not to use this keyboard on the Raspberry. At 44cm, it's just too big and there's a similar one without a number pad. Since the size in this case is an important purchase argument, I should not have looked only at the price and meanwhile I have found such a smaller one.

Keyboard 14,98 €

Keyboard 24.99 € (Will probably be purchased, but I'm also open to suggestions)

SainSmart 9 Digital LCD 1024 * 600 High Resolution Display

Raspberry Pi - now I want to do handicrafts too: raspberry

Display for Raspberry Pi

Already a cool thing but if I have possibly made a mistake? Actually, this display should be built in a media center, but I have not considered something. This display uses the HDMI output, which I need later to bring my picture on the TV. Unfortunately, I do not know yet, if there are other possibilities or if I just have a mistake. For suggestions on the implementation, I would be very grateful. Maybe yes helps a HDMI switch box. Attention: You need an extra 12V power supply.

Display 49,99 €

This gives you an overview of what I would like to work with in the near future. In addition, I have a Raspberry Pi as a slightly older model - should still be an A. But even this will get a job and if I can implement everything, that is certainly not the last one. This brings us to the next important point:

Which projects would I like to implement with the Raspberry Pi?

Of course I do not know yet, if everything will be easy and even possible. Maybe you also have better and different suggestions. In order for us to build together, I would also implement a completely different project. It does not matter what - the main thing I learn and can use this experience. So make some suggestions.

  • Network Storage
  • Shutter control
  • Media Center

Before I present my planned projects, I have to explain something. I have electric shutters in my house, which open in the morning after a fixed time and close in the evening with the sunset. I think that's very convenient because no one has to walk around the house to do it manually. I especially like the combination with the astro time. I do not need to adjust anything and the shutters always close at the perfect time. Certainly this works with special controls, but these are quite expensive. Therefore, this takes over with me a computer with relay card. These cards are available from 20 € and the implementation is quite simple. In another post I had already written about it: Control with a relay card At the same time I use this computer or server as a data store. This allows me to access my data and play media anywhere in my network (I have some computers running). What bothers me, of course, is the power consumption of this server. Therefore, two Raspberry Pi will take over this work. On the one hand I want to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) data storage and on the other hand, a Raspberry Pi is meant to be mine Control shutters, The second is certainly not so easy, since my software runs only under Windows XP and I have no idea how else I can handle the astro times (sunrise and sunset).

Another project will be Media Center become. This should find its place in the living room and provide the opportunity to access media on the network. What is possible with that will be revealed and shown. Maybe this can also be combined with the Ambilight.

This gives you a small overview of what awaits you in the near future. Of course, I can not do everything from day to day, but gradually I will introduce everything and report on my progress. I would be glad if you accompanied me.

Greeting Ricc

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