Rattan furniture: Which care is necessary?

If you give rattan furniture a little care, their lifespan can be very high. Which care measures for different furniture make sense, and what you should pay attention to, you will find in our article.

Cleaning as a care

Especially with rattan furniture in the outdoor area (for example, on the terrace) is a frequent cleaning essential. The frequent removal of dirt and debris helps to keep the rattan furniture beautiful.

By using moist cleaning agents, the rattan braid is also moistened regularly, which prevents it from drying out. This also helps to significantly extend the life of rattan furniture.

Oils of rattan furniture

If you use caring oil on a regular basis, you will prevent fading of the rattan and help to mask out signs of wear and weathering.

Most care oils contain coloring ingredients to restore the original shade of rattan (assuming a care product with the appropriate color is used, so this care is not only a conservation measure but also provides a visual enhancement.

The use of fattening furs is also useful for rattan furniture indoors, but does not need to be done so often. Also, the cleaning interval for furniture, which are placed in the living room or conservatory, usually turn out to be lower.

Protection against UV radiation

In order to prevent fading of rattan furniture, it is important to protect it from massive solar radiation. The UV light contained therein leads to long drying and embrittling of the rattan.

This can only be prevented if you protect rattan sufficiently from sunlight. In the outdoor area, this is best achieved with protective covers that you pull over the furniture when you do not use them.

Inside, a conveniently chosen place of installation for the furniture, where they are not exposed to direct sunlight (or where the sun can be avoided by pulling down awnings or shutters).

Protection from the weather

Rattan furniture is in untreated form not weatherproof, If they are used outdoors, they must therefore be sufficiently protected from the weather, especially against moisture and frost.

Tips & Tricks

Not every rattan furniture can be made completely weatherproof. Do not rely too much on it - rather protect your rattan furniture well from the weather or consider whether poly rattan would not be better suited in some places.

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