Paint rattan furniture white - that's how you do it right

Anyone who wants to adapt or refurbish old rattan furniture to a modern interior can simply paint it white. What further benefits that brings, what you have to pay attention to when choosing the colors and paints, and how to paint correctly, read in our article.

Renew rattan furniture

Also at rattan furniture gnaws at some point the ravages of time and it shows the typical signs of age:

  • Bleach
  • brittle and fragile appearance
  • Color changes and color irregularities
  • Stains and discoloration

Especially with darker shades these characters are often even more clearly visible. A good idea to work up may be to simply paint the old rattan furniture white. That makes them look like new again.

Suitable paints and varnishes

For rattan furniture, you must take into account a few special features:

  • the material "works" and moves constantly
  • as a natural material, it does not always take on uniform color in all places
  • Ingress of moisture must be able to escape, otherwise the material may rot

When selecting the paints and varnishes you use, you must always take these special features into consideration.

You must not use layering, inflexible paints, as they would jump and splinter after a short time by the movements of the rat. If you use paints, you will definitely need one flexible Use lacquer.

If possible, the lacquer used or the paint used should also be permeable, so that moisture that has penetrated can escape again. In addition, special weather protection properties are advantageous for outdoor use.


Generally more suitable are glazes. They are mostly open to diffusion, let the original color shine through a bit, yet provide a slight protection.

For rattan, there are special glazes that are exactly matched to the material and its properties. You do not necessarily need to seal rattan in the outer area - glazes are also suitable for protecting and preserving the material well.

You can still paint over glazes with a varnish - usually this is done in this way.

chalk colors

An interesting alternative may be chalk or lime colors. They give the furniture a touch of vintage look. To protect against abrasion, you should always paint these colors with a flexible clear coat.

Tips & Tricks

It is best to use a soft brush to paint and work carefully for strut strut. Paint sprayers are usually less suitable and can create an unsightly appearance due to paint build-up.

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