Have razors sharpened professionally

Who wants to sharpen his razor, often gets a little bit in a predicament. Specialist retailers often no longer offer this service or outsource the work. With online providers, it is difficult to assess the performance and the result. Mostly just try it out.

Surveying is the skill of experts

The sharpening of cutting tools and especially the supreme discipline of sharpening razors is one of the oldest cultural techniques. The craftsmanship means many experts more than a pure service. The ambition under grinders is very pronounced and is often passed on.

Unfortunately, traveling scissors are more or less extinct. However, it can be assumed that passionate grinders live in almost every region of Germany. Since sharp cutting tools have always been needed everywhere and regularly, it is worth wandering around in the living area. The trend is that in local and urban centers more powerful connoisseurs can be found than in housing estates and residential areas. Inquire with other possibly existing providers of ancient cultural techniques such as saddler, shoemaker, goldsmith or small locksmiths can lead to the experienced razor sharpener.

Selection criteria and price range

Some professional grinders also maintain an internet presence. In addition, there are nationwide shipping service providers. In general, the eligible vendors should grind razors on Japanese waterstones. By trend, the results of razor-specialized grinders are superior to those of universal grinders or kitchen and chef's knives and barber scissors.

The price range for easy sharpening and concomitant refurbishment of the entire knife is between 25 and 30 euros without shipping. The supplier should do manual labor, which leads to an average completion period of four to seven working days. It should be checked in advance whether the razor brand is accepted by the grinder. Not all suppliers hone all brands.

Partial orders or quotations, such as pure removal or subtraction, should not be claimed. This amount of work is more like polishing a car without first washing it. Full and good sharpening of a razor will last at least half a year under normal use.

Tips & Tricks

If, contrary to your expectations, a wandering scissors grinder stands in front of your door, give him the order to grind your razor only if he does not use a grinder.

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