Mix precast concrete - that's how you do it right

With ready-mixed concrete, it seems hard to do anything wrong: admit water, and the concrete is ready. That's not right. Proper mixing is essential for good concrete quality in any case. How to do it right, and what you use for it, you will learn in this post.

Proper mixing

In order for concrete to have its planned strength, the so-called water-cement value must definitely be right. It indicates the ratio of water to the cement present in the concrete mix. Neither too much nor too little water should be added, and the water-concrete mixture should be as even as possible to achieve the correct water-cement value.

This requires in any case an exact mixing - in addition to the exact addition of water, in the amount as the manufacturer dictates. Incidentally, this also applies to the mixing of mortar and screed, but because of their consistency, it is often easier there.


Depending on the quantities of concrete you need, different mixers are suitable for you. The easiest way, if you need very little concrete, is to mix by hand with the shovel, which is best done on a tarpaulin or in a large tank.

With a special stirrer you can also mix smaller amounts of concrete in the pan - the process is always faster than by hand, and is less strenuous. The mixing result is often better than mixing by hand. It always depends on the exercise you have in it.

Concrete mixers are also suitable for larger quantities. Again, it's about using the right mixing technique. It only gives two thirds of the required amount of water in the mixing machine, then the concrete mixture, and then gradually the remaining third of the amount of water. The concrete must not stay too long in the mixing machine. But he has to stay in it for so long that he is thoroughly mixed. That always requires some experience.

Proper mixing by hand

If you only need a small amount of concrete for DIY, you should just work with a shovel. Mixers are possible if they are sufficiently powerful, but most are usually overwhelmed with the tough concrete mass. They can burn out or become unbalanced.

With the shovel you spread the concrete mixture a little on the tarp or in the tub. Then pour the first liter of water over the mixture. Now turn the scoop with the curved side towards you and pierce the mixture.

Push a small pile to the front and push it back with the blade. Do this in as many places as possible on your precast concrete pile. Every now and then push the shovel into the mixture from below and turn it over completely.

Then pour another liter of water over the entire mixture and repeat the process until you have added all the water you need literwise. So the concrete is exactly mixed and even.

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